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Пишет Oona ([info]oona)
It's difficult to choose a 'favourite' blasphemy when I believe in God.

I like Mark Twain. He is one of my favourite writers. I also find the passage in the Bible wherein Jesus called himself the son of man interesting as a blasphemy considering that I believe nowhere does Jesus refer to himself as the son of God.

Ireland and the Church are both screwed up. You can read about the Catholic church in Ireland here, for instance. I do not believe in religious institutions controlling education. Don't even get me started on the Catholic church, and I am a Catholic myself who hates the Pope for having covered up decades of child abuse by priests all over the world. Now he is pope and acts surprised?

I was raised in the North, not the republic. My da unlike many men of his time, taught me to respect other people's beliefs because he said that most of the great religions of the world were all based on the same principle of behaving toward others as you would like them to act toward you and in finding meaning and direction in life through a belief system in a higher power.

My own belief is that there are many paths to enlightenment and truth. What works for one group of people may not for another.

Freedom of speech walks a fine line between having the ability to say things you want versus acting in a completely ridiculous way which infringes on the rights of others. It is a difficult issue.

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