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Пишет tristes_tigres ([info]tristes_tigres)
@ 2010-02-17 15:20:00

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Ещё о класической музыке

Сегодня и завтра Гарвардское радио www.whrb.org передаёт (почти) круглые сутки записи Шопена. Любители могут слушать через сеть.

UPD: OOps, немного напутал с программой

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2010-02-17 19:58 (ссылка)
I'm amazed I am able to get it, but right now it is jazz. :O

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2010-02-17 20:16 (ссылка)
Sorry, forgot the time difference. "Chopin orgy" is supposed to start at noon by Boston time, which is 20.00 by Moscow time, and whatever it is where you are at :) They must be running a bit late.

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2010-02-17 20:25 (ссылка)
Oh no! I thank you for posting this. I have difficulty listening to music on the net, so this is great. I see they have a programme too. It's just like instructions, I dun read but just forge ahead and get lost! I will keep listening. I like some jazz, the kind with less horns and more melody; I'm not sure what you call it. :)

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2010-02-17 20:42 (ссылка)
Did I just give you an excuse to stay up late ?

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2010-02-17 20:52 (ссылка)
You should either log IPs or put a statcounter on your journal so you would know where at and what time it is with your visitors.

I never need any excuse to stay up late. I need an excuse to go to bed. :-p

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2010-02-17 20:57 (ссылка)
The good folks at WHRB are casual about following their published programming guides.

I recommend that station all the same. They are unlike most other classical radio stations, in that they make it their mission to stay off the beaten track. They like to feature rare recording and obscure performers and composers. Some turn out to be very good.

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2010-02-17 21:03 (ссылка)
OOPS ! See correction

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2010-02-18 01:56 (ссылка)
What correction?

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2010-02-18 13:39 (ссылка)
I confused the dates in the schedule, actually :)

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2010-02-18 11:33 (ссылка)
I hope you got my other Lj message.

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2010-03-01 20:59 (ссылка)
а не - любители - через торренты