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Re: В бложеках так в бложеках, посмотрим на бложеки Feb. 10th, 2010|11:27 am

Кстати, надо искать не на "avatar traitor",
а на "cameron avatar iraq". 1 530 000 результатов.
То есть в каждом 20-м упоминании фильма приплетают
войну в Ираке. Первое же попавшееся вот


So, as his sci-fi epic "Avatar" sails past $2 billion in worldwide box office, breaking the record set by "Titanic," his last movie, Cameron takes no small delight in the way conservative commentators have attacked the movie. "Let me put it this way," Cameron says during a recent dinner conversation at a Hollywood cafe. "I'm happy to piss those guys off. I don't agree with their world view."

Cameron, though, does take exception to the imprecision of the attacks. Right-wing pundits have called "Avatar" a "deep expression of anti-Americanism" (the Weekly Standard), "anti-human, anti-military and anti-Western world view" (blogger and filmmaker Govindini Murty) and " 'Death Wish' for lefties" (Big Hollywood).

His question -- and since this is Cameron, he already knows the answer -- is: Can you be pro-military but oppose the choices made by what he considers to be a corrupt Bush administration? The prevailing motif in "Avatar" about opening your eyes (it's the last shot of the film and the central image of the one-sheet) can be seen as Cameron's direct response to the Iraq war.

"I probably shouldn't have put in the direct references to the language used with the Iraq war, the 'shock and awe' line, because it takes you too much there," Cameron reflects. "But what I really was saying was, 'Listen to what your leaders are saying. Open your eyes. And understand what the run-up to war is like, so the next time it happens, you can question it.' "

Cameron has no patience for anyone attempting to make direct parallels between "Avatar" and Iraq, like the German journalist who told Cameron during a recent media conference that the film seemed like the story of the Taliban told from the movement's point of view. He finds that kind of literalism "egregious" and "willfully ignorant of the power of allegorical storytelling."

"If 'Star Wars' had been made after the Iraq war, people would have called it anti-American," Cameron says, laughing. "I mean, it was a story of a small, ragtag band of insurgents fighting a major imperial power. George Lucas would be running for his life."

То есть бурление патриотических говн в американской блогосфере
совершенно не отличается от такого же патриотского говна в отечественной.
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