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Пишет AB/7A ([info]ab7a)
@ 2017-07-16 14:23:00

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Therapy, recreation, social kontrol
А вот чудесный рассказ про нойз-музыканта, который на концерте
вмазывался героином, кромсал руки лезвием и угрожал публике пистолетом:

Ну и его творчество (по большей части довольно унылое, увы):

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2017-07-16 16:39 (ссылка)
crash worship хорошие вот

But oh, those live shows. A Crash Worship concert might begin with the band entering the venue from the street, pushing its way through the audience with mobile drum kits and fire dancers, then assaulting the spectators with strobe lights, fake (or possibly real) blood, wine, whipped cream, ice cubes, smoke, green Jello, small fireworks and god knows what else. Two de facto frontmen, JXL and Fat Jack Torino, served occasionally as vocalists but mainly as “audience manipulators,” running through the crowd to hand out little gifts (fruit, hand percussion, etc.), exhort the wallflowers to get off their asses and dance, and rub various viscous substances on the half-naked bodies of any willing (or sometimes unwilling) participants. People got naked, people got dirty, people got injured. Mostly, the barriers between audience and performer broke down to the point where nearly everyone there felt like they were not so much at a show as participating in some kind of ancient ritual. “I reverted to a PRIMAL state,” is how one witness described it. Whether you believe that or not, it’s pretty clear that a Crash Worship show was a totally unique experience.


2017-07-16 22:52 (ссылка)

так лучше