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Пишет beotia ([info]beotia)
@ 2016-01-15 14:07:00

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Мякотка писечки, например. Скачивайте, котаны, пока все не закрыли нахуй.
Берроуз одобряе:
You took the cat’s health and well-being into your own hands, which is a very Burroughsian concept—namely, to short-circuit control structures in order to discover alternative methods of treatment. Burroughs pursued this line of thinking through things like magic, the orgone box, the Wishing Machine, the Dream Machine, apomorphine and yage as treatments to addiction, etc. I think he would have really liked and supported your approach to Butch’s treatment. What a success!
I look at it as a success due to William, the cat, and myself. I consider the approach that I took to be directly inspired by Burroughs. We had many discussions about the exploration of suppressed and little-known methods for enhancing bodily health. For example, we discussed orgone, vitamin B1, Rife energy beams for healing, and certain yoga abdominal exercises. Our discussions primed my mind to really look for such solutions for the White Cat. If William were still living on the physical plane, I am quite sure that he would want the word to get out about the potential great benefits of subverting approved methods of healing.

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