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    Sunday, April 11th, 2021
    12:39 am
    САНТИМ и Святые Последних Дней + КооперативништяК @ Alibi club - 09.04.2021
    САНТИМ и Святые Последних Дней


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    Friday, April 9th, 2021
    8:48 pm
    Majdanek Waltz + Мира Древо

    Пользуясь случаем, передаю лучи кровавого поноса челикам, которые ГРОМКО
    разговаривали на выступлении Мира Древо. Особенно челику из Минобороны.
    Да-да, ты. Ты бы еще на сцену влез и всем об этом рассказал, опоссум.

    Да там небось ползала ментов / подментованных было, хуле.
    Русский музыкальный мистицизм такой русский.

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    Tuesday, April 6th, 2021
    2:34 pm
    О метафизических денди
    Как Мамлеев Джемалю ночью в окно стучался.

    Как Головин на каравелле в алкогольных
    туманах плавал
    соседей грабить ходил.

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    Wednesday, March 31st, 2021
    1:09 am
    My Wife Helps Me Shower - Our Shower Routine

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    Wednesday, March 24th, 2021
    6:52 pm
    Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder - ARTE Concert

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    Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021
    4:33 pm

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    Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
    11:26 pm
    Упал Вовка и давай валяться
    Я думаю главное – это поступать честно, вкладывая смысл в каждое своё действие.
    Гореть, но не сгорать. У меня есть песня такая, называется «Шаг вперёд».
    Я использовал в ней цитату Ницше. «Жить – это сжигать себя и всё-таки не сгореть».

    „Wozu leben? Alles ist eitel! Leben — das ist Stroh dreschen;
    Leben — das ist sich verbrennen und doch nicht warm werden.“ —

    Боюсь даже представить, чего там Дугин в хайдеггеровском "стотомнике" понавычитывал.

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    Saturday, March 6th, 2021
    5:35 pm
    Andrea Long Chu
    If you’ve ever seen sissy porn, you'll know that turning people female
    is exactly what sissy porn says it does. Also known as forced
    feminization or “forced fem,” sissy porn seems to have begun
    circulating principally on the microblogging platform Tumblr in or
    around 2013. The genre is characteristically user-generated rather
    than produced by a traditional studio: in large part, sissy content
    creators would appropriate videos, stills, and animated GIFs from
    mainstream heterosexual or “shemale” pornography—intellectual
    property is notoriously difficult to protect in today’s porn industry—
    and modify this material with captions altering their original
    meaning. In late 2018, when the microblogging platform moved to
    ban graphic sexual content, sissy porn creators, like many other sex
    workers, were forced to flee to other platforms, including Twitter and
    Sissy porn’s central conceit is that the women it depicts (some cis,
    some trans, mostly but not always white) are in fact former men who
    have been feminized (“sissified”) by being forced to wear makeup,
    wear lingerie, and perform acts of sexual submission. This is executed
    through the unique form of second-person address in which captions
    are typically written: sissy porn directly addresses its viewers and
    presumes to inform them of their own desires: “You love to be fucked
    in the ass,” for instance, or “You want to suck cock.” (Sissy porn often
    uses cock as an uncountable mass noun, like water or sugar,
    presumably because there can always be more.) Captions further
    instruct viewers to understand that the very act of looking at sissy
    porn itself constitutes an act of sexual degradation, with the
    implication that, whether they like it or not, viewers will inevitably be
    transformed into females themselves. This makes sissy porn a kind of
    metapornography, that is, porn about what happens to you when you
    watch porn. In other words, sissy porn takes the implicitly feminizing
    effect of all pornography (even the most vanilla) and promotes it to
    the level of explicit content—often with spectacular results.
    At the center of sissy porn lies the asshole, a kind of universal
    vagina through which femaleness can always be accessed. In the midst
    of the AIDS crisis, the gay male critic Leo Bersani famously wrote that
    public horror of anal sex betrayed a hateful envy of the “intolerable
    image of a grown man, legs high in the air, unable to refuse the
    suicidal ecstasy of being a woman.” Sissy porn takes this literally.
    Getting fucked makes you female because fucked is what a female is.
    At the same time, sissy porn remains wholly uninterested in who’s
    doing the fucking. Men appear, when they appear, only in fragments:
    a hand, an ass, a stray leg. Tops are props; their function is purely
    structural. “To call a man an animal is to flatter him,” Valerie writes in
    SCUM. “He’s a machine, a walking dildo. It’s often said that men use
    women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure.”

    Sissy porn makes frequent use of fetish objects—makeup, lingerie,
    breasts, high heels, and the color pink—but unlike the classical
    Freudian fetish, these objects promise castration, instead of warding
    against it. For Freud, the fetish was a clear substitute for the “absent
    female phallus.” The little boy, traumatized by the discovery that his
    mother has no penis and fearing lest the same fate befall his own,
    looks for reassurance to an object that can replace that penis—a high-
    heeled shoe, for instance, or the touch of velvet. The fetish is thus “a
    token of triumph over the threat of castration and a protection against
    it.” Yet even Freud knew that the fetish, in disavowing castration,
    thereby implicitly acknowledged it; sissy porn exploits this weakness,
    transforming the fetish from an assurance that the penis will be kept
    safe into a guarantee that the penis will be lost forever. This means
    that, in cases where the sissy is a trans woman, even her own
    fetishized penis becomes a symbol of castration. If her penis is limp, it
    is mocked for its tiny size and called a “clitty”; if it is hard, this is
    simply proof that she is enjoying her degradation.
    In fact, to be a sissy is always to lose your mind. The technical
    term for this is bimboification. Captions often instruct viewers to
    submit themselves to hypnosis, brainwashing, brain-melting,
    dumbing down, and other techniques for scooping out intelligence.
    “Why do I like the concept of being a Bimbo?” asks one user. “It’s
    because my brain is always full. I’m always worrying if Master truly
    loves me. Am I enough? Am I making good choices? Do people
    actually like me? How can I live in a country like this with this current
    political climate? Where else could I even imagine going?” The
    gestures most often looped in GIF format almost always register the
    evacuation of will: wilting faces, trembling legs, eyes rolled back into
    heads. Even the GIF format itself communicates this, a kind of
    centrifuge for distilling the femaleness to its barest essentials—an
    open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes.
    Sissy porn did make me trans. At very least it served as a neat
    allegory for my desire to be female—and increasingly, I thought, for
    all desire as such. Too often, feminists have imagined powerlessness
    as the suppression of desire by some external force, and they’ve
    forgotten that more often than not, desire is this external force. Most
    desire is nonconsensual; most desires aren’t desired. Wanting to be a
    woman was something that descended upon me, like a tongue of fire,
    or an infection—or a mental illness, at least if you believe the
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, where
    gender dysphoria can be found sandwiched between frigidity and
    pyromania. The implication is obvious: No one in their right mind
    would want to be female.
    Which, remember, is all of us.

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    Thursday, March 4th, 2021
    10:14 pm
    Pussy Riot - СЕКСИСТ feat. Hofmannita (Official Music Video)

    Теперь нужен коллаб с Инстасамкой.

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    Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021
    3:47 pm
    Na zdoróvʹje

    In fact, no one gives a fuck.

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    Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021
    11:16 pm
    ТЁПЛАЯ TPACCA - концерт в клубе Форпост

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    Saturday, February 13th, 2021
    3:08 am
    Проект AVRORA «Черная месса» (2015)

    Эти ремиксы — первый сингл «Проекта Аvrora», нового проекта Ермена Анти. Ермен начал сотрудничать с электронными музыкантами. Начал путешествие в новый, непривычный для него жанр, открывает для себя новые горизонты.
    Ремиксы на «Цингу» и «Чёрную мессу» сделал Владимир Носырев, петербургский музыкант и звукорежиссёр, участвовавший в записи нескольких альбомов АДАПТАЦИИ последних лет.
    За первым синглом «Проекта Аvrora» обязательно последует продолжение.

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    Friday, February 12th, 2021
    1:50 pm
    Александр Дугин: «Ла-ла-ла-ла-ла» #ещенепознер
    "Надо все снести и чтобы только русское было".

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    Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
    9:57 pm
    БГ и Майк - Флэтовик в Москве (1982) Concert

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    4:46 am
    Current 93 November 1st 1996 Entire Show HD

    А в итоге имеем пренеприятнейшего старикашку:

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    Sunday, January 31st, 2021
    10:53 pm
    Правила поведения при задержании на акции протеста. Что нужно требовать и чего делать точно нельзя!

    Надя конечно красавица, но правильная инструкция такая.

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    Saturday, January 30th, 2021
    4:36 pm
    САНТИМ в "Городе" 28 01 21 18+ HD 1080p

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    Tuesday, January 26th, 2021
    2:20 am
    КУЗЬМА И ВИРТУОЗЫ - Концерт в Таллинне 24.08.2002

    Идеальный состав: Кузьма, Худой и запрограммированные барабаны.

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    Friday, January 22nd, 2021
    10:43 pm
    Noize MC, Oxxxymiron, Агутин и Лагутенко записали песни на стихи Мандельштама
    Сборник доступен в Apple Music, Spotify, «Яндекс.Музыке» и на YouTube.
    Автором и продюсером проекта выступил Рома Либеров.

    «Вышло настоящее чудо — причем объемное: от меланхолического диско до рэп-пророчества.
    Да, класть стихи (особенно мандельштамовские) на музыку (особенно яркую и самобытную) опасно.
    Осознавая эту опасность, мы все вместе думаем, что речь Осипа Эмильевича сохранить удалось — и сам поэт
    станет слушать наш альбом, хохоча до слез, — где-то там, куда достигает звук, но не взгляд!» — сказал он.

    Alina Pash «Среди лесов, унылых и заброшенных...» (О.Мандельштам, 1906)

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    Monday, January 11th, 2021
    11:37 am
    Русские – самая читающая нация в мире

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