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Пишет Keimperk ([info]keimperk)
@ 2007-08-25 21:12:00

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the last package
Dear Ms. 'I'm too good to call or write my friends'
This'll be the last package I ever send your ass
I’ll fuckin’ kill myself over some girl who does not want me
Mabe cuz I don't deserve it?
I can be the perfect boyfriend, yeah, I can be yo perfect
That's pretty shitty girl, you're like my fucking idol
Everyone wants to be just like you yeah, but i like you more than’em do
I can relate to what you're sayin' in your “songs”
So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and put 'em on
Cause I don't really got shit else
So that shit helps when I'm depressed
I wanna get a tattoo with your name across the chest
Sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds
It's like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me
See, everything you say is real, and I respect you 'cause you tell it
My friends’re jealous 'cause I talk about you 24/7
But they don’t know you like I know you girl, no one does
They don't know what it was like for people like us growing up
You've gotta call me, yeah
I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose
Sincerely yours,
P.S. We should be together too
я плохой