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[Sep. 25th, 2017|12:54 am]
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Development for TempleOS began in 2003 after Davis suffered from a series of manic episodes that left him briefly hospitalized for mental health issues.[1][4] Davis is a former atheist who proclaims that he has had "communications" with God, and that God told him the operating system he built was for God's third temple. According to Davis, TempleOS is of 'Divine' intellect due to the inspired nature of the code. According to Davis, God said to create the operating system with 640x480, 16 colors display and a single audio voice. The operating system was written in a programming language developed by Davis in C and C++, called "HolyC".[2]

Вообще есть подозрение, что они там все такие, этот просто первый признался. Сделал каминг, как сейчас модно говорить, аут.
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