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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)

профессор Годар смотрит на него как на букашку


The Smutty Professor: Uni lecturer’s secret life as a porn star

EXCLUSIVE: Chemistry lecturer’s a lecher

A UNIVERSITY professor aged 61 is leading a double life as a porn star.

Divorced dad-of-three Nicholas Goddard has taught chemical engineering for almost 25 years.

But for the last decade he has also been starring as Old Nick in dozens of X-rated flicks.

The Oxford-educated prof wears just a gold watch to romp with girls more than 40 years his junior.

The videos, with titles such as Teen Monique F**** Old Nick, have racked up over million hits on the world’s biggest adult site, PornHub.

One viewer said: “Fair play. I would not have lasted as long.” Another added: “Goddamn… he must be rich.”

Many of his co-stars are blonde Europeans. He drives a £35,000 Audi A6 and lives in a new-build terraced home in an area popular with his University of Manchester students.

A source said: “He’s a very pleasant and quite nerdy scientist, at the top of his game in the professional world. But no one knew he was hooking up with scores of young women on weekends.

“It’s not exactly a smart move to be teaching 18-year-olds by day and having sex with others at night.

“Some students will think he’s a hero and has the dream hobby, but the university will be furious.”

Prof Goddard has published scores of scientific papers over his 35-year career and is lead tutor on three courses. University videos also feature him lecturing to students.

When his secret was reported to The Sun, he said: “There is such hypocrisy with people watching porn then complaining about those who act in it.

“Why would students and staff be happy to watch it, but unhappy when they see who stars in them?

“Especially as I know that on evenings and weekends, 75 per cent of web traffic on the university’s server is accessing porn.”

He said he got into the films to relieve the stress of his divorce. His family are unaware of the sideline.

Prof Goddard said: “I don’t get paid much, mainly travel expenses.

“Sometimes you do things that you regret later while under stress. But I’ve given it up since January, it’s too much for me now. What I do in my private life is my business not the university’s. I haven’t told anyone there.

“I don’t know what students or their parents would think but I for one certainly wouldn’t care if my children were being taught by a porn star.”

The university last night said it is investigating.

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