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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
@ 2018-12-03 21:19:00

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Настроение: sick
Музыка:Андрей Вох - ЛЕСБИЙСКАЯ ОСЕНЬ

"Tumblr bans all of its content"
Тумблр, кстати, все

вслед за Патреоном.

Предсказуемо тащемта. И Тумблр, и Патреон были местами,
где невозбранно вкладывали порн, ни для чего другого они
не нужны. На Патреоне, кроме порнозвезд, торгуют еблом
унылые фошиццкие уебаны вроде Петросяна; (хотя и их рано или
поздно выпиздят в рамках борьбы с альт-райтами и путлеровскими
троллями, вслед за неунылыми, которых давно выпиздили).
На Тумблере же не было ничего, кроме бессвязной скучной
хипстоты и порно. Думаю, что теперь не будет и хипстоты,
а года через два и сам Тумблер уйдет в канализацию,
вслед за LJ и Майспейсом.

Спрашивается, нахуя. А потому, что у граждан "корпоративная
культура", которую они ставят выше денег. То есть каждый отдельный
менеджер, наверно, понимает, что подписывает своей конторе
смертный приговор; но смертный приговор еще когда, а выслуживаться
надо сегодня. Вот и выслуживаются как могут, а как лучше,
чем борьбой за моральные ценности и феминизм
социальную чистоту.

Мудака, который отвечает за данное конкретное одержание,
зовут Джефф д'Онофрио, и он стал начальником в ноябре 2017,
выпиздив основателя проекта Дэвида Карпа.


Even the cold dead embrace of a Yahoo! acquision could not
end Tumblr, such was the power of fandom gathered
there. But Yahoo never knew what it owned in Tumblr and
was indifferent to its continued existence. The management
of new Yahoo owner Verizon, however, has a pulse. It knows
what Tumblr is and it hates it. It will hack it down until
a perfectly clean advertising- and appstore-friendly
traffic center remains.

That phrase Tumblr uses, "female-presenting nipples", is
rather on the nose. Almost darkly comic, even, given the
context of its young female audience. Weirdly fitted to
the reactionary charicature of Tumblr users.

Комменты, из ycombinator.

-- Isn't that the point of Tumblr these days? I honestly

don't know of any non-adult Tumlbr pages. It seems to
consist entirely of premium camgirl pages, NSFW LGBT
discussion, furry and hentai art, and artistic nude

-- If Verizon bought Tumblr with the sole purpose of having
one more service to serve ads to, and if banning the adult
content move aims to please the advertisers then oh boy,
are they in for a nasty surprise.

Tumblr will become a ghost town in days.

-- Agreed. So many artists, photographers and models used
tumblr to showcase their work. It was also easy to link
your blog to a .com with little to no webdev

The only other social media network out there with a
following that allows near the same level of expression is
twitter and I have already seen posts from artists
directing their followers there. But twitter is no real
substitute to what tumblr offered.

I imagine tumblr's bandwidth costs are going to shrink

-- It was practically the only thing worth visiting Tumblr

-- Alternative Title:

"Tumblr will lose 80% of its visitors come December 18th"

Another one:

"Tumblr preparing to shut down"

-- This is exactly correct. Sure there are "clean" portions
of Tumblr, but from what I can tell the real purpose is to
host adult content. And there's nothing wrong with that!
It's a fantastic magnet for eyes, with which to show
ads. They're basically killing themselves with this.

-- Maybe Verizon just signed a deal with Instagram to shut

-- The vast vast majority of advertisers do not want to be
displayed next to porn.

Think of tumblr as nothing but a way to get pageviews for
Cheerios and Volvo ads. It explains their decisions

-- If that's the goal, then why buy a platform that's rife
with porn in the first place?

-- Every day results in another example of why free
platforms supported by advertising might not be viable
a long term solution.

-- "Tumblr bans all of its content"


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