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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)


I asked Joey Gibson if he thinks Antifa should be considered a terrorist organization.

Joey told me, “They commit terrorist acts, but it's more complicated than that for two reasons. One, Antifa is more of an ideology then a group. That makes it difficult, it's like labeling hate as a terrorist organization. Who would be considered antifa?” Joey said. “Unfortunately the Patriot Act allows for the government to take away someone's rights by labeling him/her as a terrorist. I don't like that. We need to be hard on Antifa and put them in jail but we have to do it through the court of law.”

BAMN, which is the de facto parent group of Antifa, gets
most of their money from the United for Equality and
Affirmative Action Legal Defense Fund (UEAALDF), a
501(c)(3). The UEAALDF is the fundraising arm of BAMN
which controls Antifa.

The UEAALDF has a lot of powerful supporters. Not
surprisingly you will find unions like SEIU, UEW, and the
ALFCIO. On the list, you will also find the usual suspects
like George Soros, and the SPLC. Other groups that give
money to the UEAALDF includes The Kellogg Foundation and
The Ford Foundation.

Every time you eat Frosted Flakes you are enabling
these violent thugs.

While talking to Joey Gibson I had an idea. Instead of
declaring Antifa a terrorist group why not declare BAMN a
terrorist group? When I asked Joey if BAMN should be
considered a terrorist organization he had a different

"BAMN is a little different. It's more of a legitimate
group. I would lean more towards yes."

Since the UEAALDF is tied directly to BAMN as their fund
raising arm it would cause the UEAALDF to lose its
non-profit status. Much like the Holy Land Foundation was
shut down for funding Hamas. The UEAALDF could be shut
down for funding BAMN and in turn Antifa. Furthermore,
anyone who was donating to the UEAALDF would be donating
to a recognized terrorist front.

This would basically empty Antifa's coffers. I believe
without BAMN paying a lot of these people to be violent
and for things such as busing people into the rallies that
they want to disrupt that these Antifa protest would dry
up. Remember that the UEAALDF covers a lot of these Antifa
member's legal bills. With BAMN shut down a lot of Antifa
will also go away almost overnight.

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