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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
постоянно случается

Like Chris Carlsson (and Ward Churchill, and other statists), Lierre Keith has been a keynote speaker at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair – a place so dangerous to me that, when I visited it a few years ago, Aragorn & Co. provided a bodyguard. And Carlsson had previously been warned that, if anything happened to me, something would happen to him. Why weren’t similar precautions taken at the Long Haul? Keith is published and promoted by Ramsay Kanaan’s PM Press. She is (with Derrick Jensen) co-dictator of a cult called Deep Green Resistance, which has proven itself to be very good at fund-raising, but no good for anything else. She is a lesbian “radical feminist” authoritarian of the type I’ve long since criticized.(7) She is publicly and viciously transphobic.

After having long been a fanatic vegan, she became a fanatic anti-vegetarian and wrote a book about it. As I have never been a vegetarian, her change of opinion is of no interest to me. I’m not a food fanatic. I eat what I like. My vegan friends have never been self-righteous about it. But people with authoritarian personalities are always self-righteous even if they have switched ideologies. It’s less important to them what they believe in, than that they have something to project their will-to-power with. To me, militant proselytizing for meat eating is much more preposterous than advocacy of plant eating. I do a lot of that too.

At the Bookfair, where Keith was speaking to promote her PM Press anti-vegetarian book, somebody pied her. No one has ever claimed responsibility. I object to that. If you do something like that, you should take responsibility for it, and explain your reasons. I would not have pied her. But it was what she did next that matters.

After the pie hit, her first words were, “Call the police.” Call the police! And, at the (Politically Correct) Anarchist Bookfair, somebody did! And the police arrived. Several online accounts describe her as talking to the police, and as signing some paper for them. (Just like Chris Carlsson.) She claimed that the pie included “cayenne pepper.” This is what they always say. There is no evidence of that. There’s a photo of her a few minutes later, with wet hair, but not otherwise exhibiting any harm to her eyes or anywhere else. Compare this to my being knocked unconscious.

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