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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
@ 2024-03-02 00:46:00

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Настроение: sick
Музыка:Sal Solaris - EIGENGRAU

that's nothing, like stepping on another plane
Все-таки GPO был непревзойденный мастер,
до макабричности. Не каждый, например, знает,
что прелестная песенка White Night это на самом
деле пастиш из выступлений пастора Джима Джонса
(изрядно неразборчивых, но текст GPO от ошибочно
расслышанного только выиграл). Love is the Law,
Love under Will, воистину.


you know how much i love you
i give you all my life
no one may take my life from me
i lay my life down, the point is on this plane
take the potion like we used to take an ocean breeze

no, there's no plane, there's no plane
we can't catch the plane-- in time i simply put my lot with you
and the plane will come out of the air
there's no way you can fly
i will take your call, i'm part of you

santa claus is checking his list, going over it twice
seeing who is naughty and who is nice

the sins of man, the sins of man
we win, we win when we go down
born out of season, in due time we give them our dead children
our children, our children are sublime

it's so simple, no convulsions
it's so simple, you don't know what you've done

santa claus is checking his list, going over it twice
seeing who is naughty and who is nice

the night brings the moon, it's much more difficult
that's nothing, like stepping on another plane, you have to step across
this world, this world, it's not our home
stepping over to another plane
the next plane free at last

santa claus is checking his list, going over it twice
seeing who is naughty and who is nice

* * *

Вообще я одержим сайтом
зависал там неделями, ничего другого не
делал, только читал, там гигабайты транскриптов
и записок нереальные.


Jones: I'm going to tell you, though, you made me ready
to die. I'm glad for you. I love you. I'd give my
life. But I'm ready, when you feel so- When a doctor's
interested in you, and (struggles for words)- I'm ready
for it. By God, I'm ready for death. When you women won't
take freedom, when you got the goddamn freedom right in
your fucking hand, I don't know what the hell to do with
you. You- When I stopped you in- And what I'm saying,
sweet, as much as I love you, I'd give my eyes for you, if
you'd say that to me, what, what's really going on in your
head. 'Cause I was standing there and I said, here, you,
you got a good deal - and I'm telling him, you got a good
deal. A doctor, the straight A student, and you don't know
what the fuck to do. You don't know what the fuck- You
don't know which decision to do. And I told you, and I'm
going to tell you, I wouldn't pay no fucking attention to
Bobby's- I- why, what the fuck Bobby he's got?- What the
fuck Bobby's any of us got? All that goddamn crazy
shit. What is love? If love isn't ba- I'm ready to
die. I'm ready to die. Shit, I'm ready to die.


Jones: But in spite of all of my trying, a handful of our
people, with their lies, have made our life
impossible. There's no way to detach ourself from what's
happened today. Not only are we in a compound situation,
not only are there those who have left and committed the
betrayal of the century, some have stolen children from
others, and are in pursuit right now to kill them, because
they stole their children. And we - we are sitting here
waiting on a powder keg. I don't think it is what we want
to do with our babies. I don't think that's what we had in
mind to do with our babies. It is said by the greatest of
prophets from time immemorial: "No man may take my life
from me; I lay my life down."

Jones: I never have lied to you. I know
that's what's gonna happen. That's what he intends to do,
and he will do it. He'll do it. What so being so
bewildered with many, many pu - pressures on my brain,
seeing all these people behave so treasonous - there was
too much for me to put together, but uh, I - I now know
what he was telling me. And it'll happen. If the plane
gets in the air even. (Pause) So my opinion is that we be
kind to children and be kind to seniors and take the
portion like they used to take in ancient Greece, and step
over quietly, because we are not committing suicide. It's
a revolutionary act. We can't go back. They won't leave us
alone. They're now going back to tell more lies, which
means more congressmen. And there's no way, no way we can
survive. Hmm?

Jones: And what we'd like to get are the people that caused this
stuff, and some - if some people here are p - are
prepared and know how to do that, to go in town and get
Timothy Stoen, but there's no plane. (Pause) There's no
plane. You can't catch a plane in time. He's responsible
for it. He brought these people to us. He and Deanna
Mertle. The people in San Francisco will not - not be
idle over there. (Pause) They'll not take our death in
vain, you know. Yes, Christine.


Jones: For months I've tried to keep this thing from
happening but I now see it's the will ... it's the will of
Sovereign Being that this happened to us. That we lay down
our lives in protest against what's been done. That we lay
down our lives to protest in what's being done. The
criminality of people, the cruelty of people. Who walked
out of here today? Did you notice who walked out? Mostly
white people, mostly white people walked. I'm so grateful
for the ones that didn't, those who knew who they
are. There's, there's no point, there's no point to
this. We are born before our time. They won't accept
us. And I don't think we should sit here and take any more
time for our children to be endangered, for if they come
after our children and we give them our children, then our
children will suffer forever.


Jones: Anybody think of why that should be? Anybody got
any questions about such a policy? [Pause] Anybody got any
questions why that policy should be invoked? I think
that's a fair policy. When people've given their all,
we've gone through hell and high water and sacrificed, put
our everything together. Some going around- going around-
they never want to have one thing that somebody else
doesn't have, and share their last bit of this or
that. And give away things, while others keep hiding
things back. Giving up their watches so they can bring in
more food. You think I'm gonna let somebody betray that?
Nuh-uh. When some of us have had to put the nails in our
own loved one's coffin, and then have to see that they got
buried right and put the dirt on them. Umm-umm. Ain't
gonna forget. Anybody got any questions about such a
policy? Everybody understand the policy? Are you sure you
understand the policy? Then be careful. 'Cause Santa Claus
is checking his list. Going over it twice, seeing who's
naughty and who's nice. [Long pause] I'm all ready for
about ten infantry divisions, and a regiment. I'm in good
shape. How about you?


Jones: Well, it's all over, all over. What a legacy, what a legacy. What's the
Red Brigade doing, and one's that ever made any sense anyway? They invaded our
privacy. They followed us 6,000 miles away. Red Brigade showed them justice.
The congressman's dead.

Please get us some medication. Simple. It's simple, there's no convulsions with
it. It's just simple. Just, please, get it. Before it's too late. The G.D.F.
will be here, I tell you. Get movin', get movin', get

Woman: Do ...have to know when the people that are standing there in the aisles.
Go stand in the radio room yard. Everybody get behind a table and back this
way. O.K. There's nothing to worry about. Everybody keep calm; and try and keep
your children calm. And all those children that help, let the little children
in and reassure them. They're not crying from pain. It's just a little bitter
tasting. They're not crying from pain. Annie Miguel, can I
please see you back....

* * *


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