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Пишет tristes_tigres ([info]tristes_tigres)
@ 2014-12-20 00:24:00

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Расследование: кто стрелял в протестующих на Майдане
Investigation concerning the Dmytro
Bulatov case reportedly found that his abduction was staged, and his fellow Automaidan leaders
recently publicly admitted the same. These cases were directly relevant to the Maidan massacre
because they showed that Maidan leaders were willing to misrepresent violence to advance their
political goals. My analysis of the violent attacks of the presidential administration and the
parliament and the Bulatov and Chornovol cases pointed to the need for similar research of the
“snipers’ massacre” on the Maidan.

The evidence suggests that elements of the Maidan opposition, specifically from far right and
oligarchic parties, were involved in the killing of the protesters and the police in one capacity or
another. This is indicated by the various evidence including the following: radio intercepts of
Security Service of Ukraine Alfa commanders and snipers, Internal Troops, and one group of
shooters, the location of shooters in the Maidan-controlled areas, trajectories of bullets estimated
from their impact points seen in videos, reported by eyewitnesses, or preserved on trees and
polls, use of AKM and hunting rifles in the killings, similar types of wounds suffered by both
protesters and police, and the failure of the Maidan Self-Defence, the Right Sector, and the
Maidan government investigation to find the shooters in these locations.

I am a Canadian of a Ukrainian origin. I was born in Western Ukraine, but I moved to the US for
my graduate studies at the beginning of the 1990s, and then to Canada. Before I moved to the
University of Ottawa, I held research and teaching positions at Harvard University, the State
University of Potsdam, the University of Toronto, and the Kluge Center for Scholars at the
Library of Congress. My native language is Ukrainian, and I am fluent in English and Russian. I
also understand Polish, and I learn French.

I’ve recently found important video recordings of a live Internet broadcast from the Hotel
Ukraina. These previously unreported and little known videos contain direct evidence that the
members of the Maidan opposition not only controlled the Hotel Ukraina during the massacre,
but that they were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles of a 7.62mm caliber type and with
hunting and other rifles, and that they shot with live ammunition from the Hotel Ukraina during
the massacre. This is consistent with the type and the caliber of the ammunition used against
both the unarmed protesters and the police, with directions of many bullet impacts in bodies of
the protesters and in trees and poles in the massacre areas near the hotel, and with eyewitness
reports by both the protesters and the police concerning the shooters from this hotel targeting
them with live ammunition. These recordings also corroborate a report of SBU Alfa commanders
that shooters moved to the hotel from the Maidan side.

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2014-12-20 18:19 (ссылка)
Telepolis is the name of a German Internet magazine, published by the Heinz Heise Verlag since the beginning of 1996.

It periodically releases special issues, the first printed edition (01/2005) being on "Aliens - how researchers and space travellers want to uncover their presence." One of the articles in this edition, perhaps the most daring, described the so-called theory of everything (TOE) proposed by Burkhard Heim and its alleged applications to spacecraft propulsion. (Heim theory is not part of mainstream physics, and few physicists would describe it as a TOE.) Others deal with SETI and exobiology.

Интересно, нашли они на Майдане инопланетян? не нашли, так найдут

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2014-12-20 18:21 (ссылка)
Ukraine’s military spokesman said
Ukraine’s military spokesman said
Ukraine’s military spokesman said

А разгадка одна - Ukraine’s military spokesman said

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2014-12-20 18:44 (ссылка)

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