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Aug. 9th, 2019 | 11:33 am

Diversity, Mulk and the Economy of Gift

Rising popularity of Diversity in every corner of government - run enterprises and a pressure to enshrine Diversity in every private company HR could be better understood and explained through Ibn Khaldun perspective.

Contrasting with the Western state, the Oriental model that Ibn Khaldun describes is not based on production of goods and services. It is a system of distribution of stuff that is taken by violent conquest from someone outside their system, or what could be seen as a temporary union of warring tribes (Davla).

Similar to how Davla operates, our Leftist establishment of champagne socialists parasitically exploits the productive Western society, with implied threats of major violence and civil unrest in case the (still productive) part of society resists, but also manipulative tactics of false victimhood and calls for undeserved charity.

Mulk in an invisible force of unity and in Ibn Khaldun system it what keeps parasitic system of Davla operational. Far from being something out of this world, Mulk has to be understood from various down to earth perspectives. On a certain level, it is simply an expectation of a gift. I want your stuff for free and if you will be perfectly generous, I will be your perfect friend, but if you are greedy bastard, I won't. I am very nice person, I will just go away. But do you see all these people? They are all angry, and rightfully so. One or two of them may hurt you and I won't protect you.

Mulk economy is not based reciprocal exchange of goods and services. It is a system of exchange of gifts between someone at the top and someone at the bottom of the archaic pyramid of Davla.

Bottom of the pyramid are expected to be material gift - givers. Money and goods are supposed to flow to the top.
What in exchange the top gives to the bottom? Immaterial gifts. Blessings, thanks and a lifted threat of violence. Today you give us food and money and you are forgiven for being so awfully black, or white, or masculine, or whatever marker you carry to signify your bottom status.

Now comes the the multicultural diversity. It is important to understand that diversity has nothing to do with Western sort of productivity. It is simply a sign that your institution, business, organisation etc is conquered, the hungry horde has arrived and you have failed to protect your stronghold. Boohoo. From now on you are expected to be a part of a new (actually, the most ancient) gift-giving economy of Mulk. You give part of your produce to a representative of Davla. And he or she or zee forgives you, blesses you and removes a threat of violence against you.

If you are not a part of Davla, diversity is THEIR strength. If you participate in the economy of gift , it is yours as well.
All that free stuff for "muscles".
And the "brains" behind the scheme get these incredibly bloated governmental contracts, and in near perspective the Russian system of "распилы", when 90% of every contract value is automatically stolen, or rather given away to the most important people of Davla system, i.e. the ruling Asabyjah and shared with other ruling Asabyjahs around the globe as "foreign aid"

IF you are part of Davla, you never have to work. Not a day in your life. You will be doing something, but not the job. No tedium of getting things done. Instead, you'd be participating in ceremonial exchange of stuff and new conquests, and you'd be passing material goods to those above and immaterial bliss to those below.

Thank you.

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