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Aug. 19th, 2019 | 11:22 am

Saying "I don't like chocolate ice cream" is obviously racist.

The fundamental problem of the US and by extention - to the rest of "free world" is not its Left vs Right, not the internationalists vs nationalists, nor other political dichotomies.

The underlying issue is that politics has become the largest single business, and ultra-competitive one, with well developed PR machinery.

It is not something we do together. It is something that is done behind our backs by a groups of people we know very little of. We elect them like we elect to buy a new flavor of ice cream off a supermarket shelf, simply because we are disappointed with a previous flavor we selected and were forced to consume for the whole term.

But who the hell produces these flavors? Who are all these people in the teams surrounding every politicians? Who are their sponsors? It is not written even in the smallest print listing chemical ingredients of a new flavor. What are they doing to our bodies beyond stimulating our taste buds? We don't have a clue, until something happens out of nowhere.

Seriously, - none of the politicians state their own interests clearly. They are speaking on behalf of consumer groups, but say no word about business interests behind their own image and what these interests do to the rest of us.

Ice cream flavor, its color etc metaphor goes pretty far; some of us just cannot stop eating chocolate ice cream even if it is really, really bad for our bodies. And similarly to the obese person who cannot stop eating ice cream, some political business groups would have an absolutely hysterical reactions when questioned about their ruinous programs. The would call you "hateful toward big people" while also stating that their body mass has nothing to do with their lack of self control. They have big bones. And special genes. And they are beautiful in their own way which you don't recognize simply because you are too shallow.

Similarly, lack of self control plays big role in our current politics, which is a bit like a never-ending advertisement for chocolate ice creams with with overly emotional and irrational actors gloating about their bizarre eating habits and inviting all of us to their banquet. Which we have to pay for. Even if we don't like the taste.

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