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A case of benevolent worm [Mar. 27th, 2007|02:52 pm]
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Получил сегодня интересное письмо:
Computer Viruses are generally known to be malicious code which serve no good in this world. However, I think there's a way someone, if they were daring enough to develop such code, could make a virus that uses such questionable tactics to do the world some good. The idea being is to create a virus that contributes the victims computer idle cpu usage to science using open source software such as boinc & folding@home. The virus should also be open source as well, I would think, as to make sure it gets many good rounds and several unique versions through well distributed source code. It would be even better to create versions that affected other platforms besides Windows such as Mac & Linux. Though I know that may be a challenge, but it'd be interesting to see a virus or worm or something that actually contributed to help cure diseases, search for extraterrestrial life (seti@home), or whatever using one or all of the projects distributed through the boinc software. I think that this is something also that would generate interesting publicity, because it is a computer virus that is designed to help cure AIDS, or look for ET, or solve global warming, whatever it may be, this would be the most creative virus idea in years. One may also integrate it with something like Tor and make all communications with the project servers anonymous, I have no idea if that would be beneficial or not. Anyways, with all these people getting useless viruses & spyware from porn & warez websites, bittorrent, irc, usenet newsgroups, email, etc., I think it would be so much better that it was something that actually did some good in the world. I'd almost be proud to be infected by such a virus. Well, that was just my crazy idea I wanted to share, enjoy and feel free to share this idea with whoever you want.

Here's some related links:

BOINC - http://boinc.berkeley.edu/
BOINC Projects List - http://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php
Tor - http://tor.eff.org/
Folding@Home - http://folding.stanford.edu/

Вобщем-то неплохая идея, хотя и не такая уж новая Ж-) Но...

Во-первых, неизвестный автор (письмо было послано анонимно) не учел того, что в первую очередь будут сопротивляться те, кого он хочет облагодетельствовать. Использование червей бросит тень на весь проект, к которому и так нелегко привлекать участников. timeo danaos, et dona ferentes. (хихик, расхожая цитата попала в правильный контекст Ж-) Случалось же подобное с distributed.net. И даже, имхо, любители анонимности из Tor перекроют подобному червю кислород (под предлогом того, что червь генерирует непосильную нагрузку...).

Во-вторых, не очень понятно, а зачем собственно автору понадобился "положительный" образ вируса/червя? Зачем нужно одобрение, санкция sub speci bonum et malum traditionem? Технология штука в моральном отношении нейтральная. Вам мало просто жить и заниматься тем, что вам интересно? Хочется "right thing"™, целей, смыслов и победы бобра над ослом? Идите в церковь. Или довольствуйтесь, тем что есть. Non ridere, non lugere, neque detestari; sed intelligere.

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