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Пишет iwia ([info]iwia)
@ 2008-05-25 02:01:00

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Музыка:Judas Priest - I'm A Rocker

Энный опрос))
1) Here's the latest newsflash update on the Wall Street situation,
seems he wants to have his song played live upon our T.V. station.
It's a lyric he just wrote - the bleatings of a social scapegoat,
Thirty years under the weather - at the end of a short tether.
It goes...

2) Fight wars - Die in a blaze of glory
Come home - Meat in a plastic sack
Fall down - Better pray to your God for mercy
So kneel - and help the blade cut clean
Nothing is sacred - Back then or now Everyone's wasted...
Is that all there is?
Is that it now?

3) Walking down the street last night
I struck a light
But no one could have seen me without second side
Taking flight
Handle me with care I'm dynamite

4) Nothing much
is all I ask
and it's alright, ok yes
Light as a feather, oh yes

Like a rosebud
when the sun is high
She opens up
before my eyes
and the light falls
on her wet skin
It's alright

5) I'm a rocking and selling my soul
'Cause I'm living for rock and for roll
Forget about tomorrow
Go for it today

6) It's not the monsters under your bed
It is the man next door
That makes you fear, makes you cry
Makes you cry for the child

7) We connect without a single word
Like a book you read me.
One look, the message heard
With you it's easy.
I'm riding on a wave of love
And I see you in black and white,
But your colours came through tonight

8) I know she waits below
Only to rise on command
When she comes for me
She's got my life in her hands

When a movement behind hit the side of my mind
I trembled and shook it away
Then another assault and I started to faulter
Fibres of steel turned to clay

9) Everybody needs a little place they can hide
Somewhere to call their own
Don't let nobody inside
Every now and then we all need to let go
For some it's the doctor
For me it's rock and roll
For some it's a bottle
For some it's a pill
Some people wave the bible
Cause it's giving them a thrill
Others point their finger
If they don't like what they see
If you live in a glass house
Don't be throwing rocks at me

10) Whatever on earth possessed you
to make this bold decision
I guess you don't need me
While whispering those words
I cried like a baby
hoping you would care