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Пишет DK ([info]k_d_s)
@ 2020-10-25 02:13:00

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Настроение: cold
Entry tags:afrika, deutschland, doku, literatur, lustig, usa, wwii

Charles Manson Superstar

For the next two weeks, life in Death Valley was pretty fun.
Games of swashbucklers and pirates, of Bedouin nomads,
and pioneers ensued. Death Valley kindled one of Manson’s
interests: the stories of Rommel’s World War II desert raids.
General Erwin Rommel, the Nazi’s ‘Desert Fox’, led
Germany’s North Africa excursions from 1941–1943. After
successful campaigns in Poland, the Netherlands and France,
Rommel was sent to Tripoli where, with fortified tanks suited
for desert sands, the Nazi’s attacked Axis forces. Rommel was
known for his dogged determination and rapid-developing,
mobile style of battle leadership. Manson was fascinated with
Rommel and his desert raids. When Charlie was arrested the
next fall, copies of National Geographic with articles on
Rommel were with him.