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Пишет kouzdra ([info]kouzdra)
@ 2011-08-22 08:50:00

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Hawk Party Derails Attempted Senate Interference
Action confirmed! The Senate passes a resolution supporting continued "peacekeeping" action against the Lumumbia.

Фэны цивы ностальгируют по фиче и требуют вернуть ООН взад:

all me sentimental, but I sometimes miss the Senate from Civ 2. Yes, it was annoying at times, a bit crazy and frustrating at others, but it really made wars under republics/democracies interesting and more realistic. So what I’d like to try to do is create a simple modcomp for cIV that reintroduces the Senate, though improved from Civ II.

For those of you who don’t know about this feature, here’s how it worked: when your government was democracy/republic, you could not simply declare war all the time; there was a check on your power, known as “The Senate”. Sometimes it would let you start a war, sometimes not (it varied depending on govt. type and other factors). If you were in a war for a long time, the Senate could force a ceasefire or peace treaty. Oh, and having the U.N. actually did something useful: you could declare wars as a democracy more of the time (“peacekeeping”).