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    Sunday, November 28th, 2021
    4:11 pm
    My mom is slowly accepting me. Even sent some dresses.
    Still super conservative woman.
    And that skirt has 19th century length.

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Thursday, November 25th, 2021
    7:46 am
    Age of Consent will be raised to 25 soon
    Conservatives keep pushing their Nazi crap:

    Obviously people under 25 will have no rights, including the right for transgender people to access HRT. That is why we must ally with China right now, because tomorrow will be too late. West must be destroyed ASAP, before the nazis here managed to regroup and produce some new Hitler. Chinese will help demolishing every single nazi church in America, like they demolished every single nazi mosque in Xinjiang.

    Send the christian and muslim clerics to re-education camps and extract their organs to save actually good people!

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    Wednesday, November 24th, 2021
    1:53 pm
    Russians Discuss Music

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    Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021
    7:46 pm
    Russians always told me "go to Netherlands"
    Well, at least I could came out now.

    Current Mood: amused
    5:30 pm
    I'm not a Russophobe
    I love Russian music. For example I like Russian born Japanese singer Origa, especially the albums where she sings Japanese and English. I also like German recordings of Alfred Schnittke's music - "Agony" soundtrack is just perfect musical depiction of Russia. So I'm not a Russophobe. Please stop labeling me.

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    Current Music: Origa - Diva
    Saturday, November 20th, 2021
    6:36 pm
    20.11.2021 (saturday): 20mg estradiol enanthate injection, sub-q

    Current Mood: accomplished
    8:15 am
    Kyle Rittenhouse
    You go to a different state with your guns wearing para-military uniform, enter a crowd of protesters, threaten them and point your guns at them. Then when people get scared and try to disarm you, you shot and kill them. Totally self defense.

    Current Mood: sad
    Thursday, November 18th, 2021
    8:28 am
    Thankfully a wonderful girl has shared her hormones with me.
    So now I can survive the wait time for the prescription.
    But the point is: that girl is not of Dutch origin.
    That is one of the many times I got saved by Black people.
    While all Dutch people refused to help.
    I had the same issues while trying to exchange my USD savings to EUR.
    I have no passport, and therefore no way to do that legally.
    So I could buy an IPL hair removal device (a rather expensive thing).
    Most Dutch people got scared of somebody trying to go out of the legal path.
    And told me that if I have no ID card, that means I'm not supposed (by law),
    To to exchange money, and so they won't help me.
    That is something straight out of the Soviet Union.
    I think it's because of mentality.
    And Black people just despise all forms of slavery.
    Including these European "wait lists."
    So in America they instead have informed consent practice;
    You come to an endocrinologist and sign your consent.
    The endocrinologist signs you a prescription.
    Without any fuzz.
    But yeah, America is the most progressive country in the world.

    Wednesday, November 17th, 2021
    7:04 pm
    Sorry people. I have spent $50 of the BTC you've donated to create an LJR backup site/imageboard in Symta to order a testosterone blocker (hope it arrives, because the pharmacy had issues processing bitcoins). I promise I will replenish that amount, and I will setup that site. But I really need these meds now to survive. I think about using a key-value database instead of SQL for the site project. I still have $390 for that.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Tuesday, November 16th, 2021
    6:07 pm
    India - Israel for Transgender people
    Maybe my homeland is India?
    In many countries in southern Asia, people who are born male, but present their gender in a feminine manner, often identify as hijras. Since their identity is a separate, third gender that carries characteristics of both man and woman, it challenges western gender and sexual classifications. Hijras played an important role in India’s history and were celebrated in many Hindu texts. They were seen as symbols of good luck and fertility and would preform at weddings and after births. But, due to British colonialism imposing new codes of sexual morality, hijras were legally and socially ostracized from society. Hijra’s are often shunned by their families and expelled from their homes. Many hijras live together in communities for a sense of stability and protection.

    Imagine a Gensokyo like community in real life!

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: Dead Or Alive - Nukleopatra
    7:19 am
    I was busy building up a reputation
    Did a lot of things out of desperation
    Back up on my feet, got the motivation
    Now I found my faith and a good vibration

    Search for you, love of creation
    When you're feeling down in this place, just replace them
    Keep a vision on the one you've been chasing
    When the time comes we'll run to the station
    We've been laced with the powers of creation
    So when the sun sets, you bet you must face them
    Remember when we were running 'cross the nation
    We were living for the here and now

    You can't catch me
    I'll be gone by the time they come
    You can't catch me
    The war is already won

    Current Mood: happy
    Monday, November 15th, 2021
    3:43 pm
    Typical Grindr conversation:
    Me: Hi sis! Can you help getting hrt pills? I will pay triple the price!
    Girl: No. Ask your doctor. Self medication is dangerous.
    Me: Nazitherlands have 3 years waiting list for prescription. I'm too old to wait.
    Girl: You're not special, so wait like the rest of us.
    Me: I'm doing these pills to be a human being. If I get off the pills, my testosterone kicks in, I will turn into a beast, really aggressive and impulsive one, so I can commit a mass murder. Like Elliot Rodger.
    Girl: You are pathetic and should be killed.

    Literally every second conversation on Grinds turn like that.

    I have never expected that transgender people will be supportive of government totalitarism and gatekeeping. Just like Russian vatniks, worshiping strong Putin's hand.

    I.e. they will rather kill me, than allow me to buy the pills.

    And what is more, many Dutch trans girls are stalinist tankies, who actually love Russia.

    The more I learn about Dutch people the less I like them.

    "The main problem of netherlands" is not really a meme.
    It seems that there is some global "Russia" transcending borders and identities.

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Sunday, November 14th, 2021
    8:41 am
    I'm still really sad [info]josephus has left us.

    I'm more of a translesbian, and it must really click with me to get attracted to a man.

    Generally I'm repulsed by overly masculine machos.

    But seeing Alex photos after reading his sad posts I fell in love.

    Even before HRT began changing my brain.

    Josephus was a very nice and handsome guy.

    If there is something I want to change now, that would be me transitioning earlier and going to Mexico, instead of Ukraine, to save [info]josephus from bad girlfriends, who have driven him to suicide.

    I will miss you, my love.

    Current Mood: sad
    Saturday, November 13th, 2021
    9:11 am

    Current Mood: amused
    7:20 am
    KiwiFarms 2.0
    Apparently there are countless sites like Kiwifarms, where they harass trannies

    I'm not a totalitarian person.
    But I would support DDoSing and legally blocking such sites.
    Because "paradox of tolerance."

    Current Mood: sad
    7:13 am
    My brother says trannies are worse than anti-vaxxers, totalitarian Netherlands are right restricting the legal access to HRT and that by criticizing the NL approach I behave like a Muslim who came to a christian church to turn it into a mosque.

    What a bastard! Is he really my brother? He was nice when he was younger, he is gay himself and I loved to cuddle with his gay friends. Now he got bitter, converted to Christianity and doesn't care about his health and looks, becoming what they call "ex gay". In addition he got some totalitarian nazi views. But as they say, Stalin was a gay twink during his youth too. People change, and frequently become worse.

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Wednesday, November 10th, 2021
    6:07 pm
    News "China opens first clinic for transgender children"

    Meanwhile the conservative politicians and Christian NGOs in the West successfully maintain the 3 year waiting times, keeping hormones behind the prescription walls.

    Maybe it is the time to contact Chinese military intelligence and offer cooperation against our trans-phobic countries? That will either force the West governments to legalize hormones, or will help China winning. After the Pope gets executed Russian revolution style, there will be no more Christianity, and hormones will be sold over the counter like candies. Because candies (= bad teeth and diabetes) are much more harmful for your health than hormones.

    So my plan: install TOR, visit, explain who you are and that you're against your country's policy on hormonal prescription, and therefore agree too cooperate. Chinese intelligence can help organizing and directing you towards doing something really damaging to your country. Your country wants you to be man and to join the army; well... why not join the Chinese army instead? Even if out of spite. Your country has already betrayed you and put you down by denying you hormones. Therefore by acting against the evil government you don't commit any treason.

    And no. Don't contact your country's LGBT organizations. They are all infiltrated and controlled by the government to weaken and dissipate any revolutionary potential. They do nothing and pretend everything is okay, and of course they will tell you to wait 3 years and don't break the law oppressing you.

    The conservative West has outlived itself, just like Russia.
    The old world must be destroyed so that the new society without war and hatred can arise.

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: Hans Zimmer - Prince of Egypt - The Plagues
    11:45 am
    Tranny International
    KC actually has a place dedicated to trans girls:

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: Deborah Holland - Come to Me
    7:12 am
    HRT has removed my anger, so I made peace with my mom. I have a court date soon regarding my political refugee status, so I needed some perfume to smell sweet. And I asked mom what would be the best. She still has difficulties accepting me, yet said that her father Moskalev forbade her using cosmetics and perfumes, because in his words these make women "unnatural," and that "real women don't need cosmetics." Now I think I have never completely understood my mom. She had this PTSD her entire life, after dealing with her totalitarian father, who is one of the worst creatures I met in my life.

    Anyway I bought a soft flowery smelling perfume for 15 euro. Hope that will be good enough to present myself in court. Not too expensive, and smells fine.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: Electic Youth - That Was Our House
    Tuesday, November 9th, 2021
    4:35 pm
    I didn't know that but one of my fav electronic groups is actually a duo of an African boy and a white girl.

    I thought Africans produce only gangsta rap. That really breaks my stereotype. But then again, he is Canadian, so not part of the ghetto culture. As they say "black outside, white inside" or "Oreo".

    And I have noticed that generally only the people who break with their backwards culture can create something new and achieve success. I.e. Michael Jackson, who hate his upbringing so much he changed his skin color and did facial surgeries to look whiter than most whites. Ghetto Blacks really hate Michael Jackson for that. But I think everyone has the right to change identity, be it racial or the gender one. There is a technology now that allows white people to achieve black skin color.

    Current Mood: curious
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