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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
@ 2019-01-02 15:20:00

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Настроение: sick
Музыка:A. Vivaldi: Concerti con molti strumenti
Entry tags:80ies, adnd, anticopyright, games

low-life scum
комментарии от сотрудников компании TSR
1980-х, с личными подробностями общения с
директором компании Lorraine Williams (скупившей
акции TSR по дешевке и выдоившей TSR досуха,
доведя ее банкротства).

Lorraine hated and loathed gamers in general; she felt

that they were low-life scum, and didn't want to have any
of them working for TSR Hobbies. She's the one who
branched out into TSR woodburning kits, TSR needlepoint,
and other 'interesting' parts of the TSR ctalog from those

She made a point of purging anyone who came to her
attention at the company who was tagged as a 'gamer', and
worked very hard to remake TSR into 'her company' as what
she wanted to have was a 'mainstream' company like
Milton-Bradley or Hasbro - and not some sleazy haven for
social misfits that pandered to their bizarre habits.

In my personal experience, Lorraine was quite the bit of
work; arrogant, conceited, and a complete snob. The sales
numbers and other metrics from TSR under her reign are the
best indicator of just how badly she ran the company; in
any case, she increased the debt load of the company from
roughly $3 million in total to a good $15 million (mostly
in unsold merchandise sitting in the warehouse in Lake
Geneva) in the space of about five years.

* * *

Это я посмотрел, что пишут про историю
жизни покойного Гайгэкса, изобретателя AD&D;
его эта дамочка довела до могилы, отсудив
у него права на все его проекты, настоящие
и будущие.


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2019-01-05 18:10 (ссылка)
I am so sorry, disappointed and disgusted to hear that these words came from Richard Stallman. There were good reasons that the people of ancient times burned these corrupt animals at the stake. Perhaps we should revisit discussions for this fitting punishment.

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