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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
@ 2020-06-03 00:37:00

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Настроение: sick
Музыка:Neutral - Walpurgis Night at Luisen Kirche, Koenigsberg (live)

The worst enemy that the Negro have
Бабченко возмущается насчет черных погромщиков.

Я когда читаю про невозможность выбраться в нормальную

жизнь из негритянских гетто, я каждый раз немножко так
охуеваю, конечно.

Ты живешь, блять, в Лос-Анжелесе. В собственном, блять, доме.
У тебя тоже украли детство?

Жители гетто не могут получить хорошее образование.

Я получил образование в шарашкиной конторе под названием
Современный Гуманитарный Университет в Южном Бутово в
девяностых. Этим дипломом - только жопу подтереть. Гарвард
не светит ни мне, ни моим детям даже в самых розовых

Почему-то это обстоятельство никоим боком не ведет меня
громить магазины кроссовок в Сохо.

И никоим образом не помешало мне стать не самым последним
человеком в профессии.

Тебе без Лиги плюща газоны стричь расизм запрещает?

В Германии ВСЕ высшее образование бесплатно для выучивших
язык. Учишь немецкий, приезжаешь, поступаешь.

Программа с картинками для тупых для нулевого уровня с
шестьюдесятью языками стоит шестьсот долларов.

Факультет ядерной физики Чешского технического годами
зазывает студентов из-за недобора. Учишь язык - обучение

В Сорбонне и Барселоне херова туча бесплатных программ.

* * *

Подозреваю, он никогда никого ничему не учил.
Потому что большинство из тех, кто сидит в говне,
ничему толковому научить нельзя. Даже не потому, что
они тупые, а потому, что их никогда никто ничему
не учил, и они не знают, как это делается.

Вот как устроена типичная школа в черном гетто
(под катом подборка текстов из реддита)

I used to teach in a black inner city school. Their issues
are their own fault and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.

I've been a high school science teacher for a little under
10 years. I've primarily worked at poor urban schools with
high Hispanic immigrant populations and I've loved most of
my career. Yeah, some low points and difficult times but
that's everyone right?

The year I taught at a black inner city school almost made
me leave the profession entirely. I was entering my 5th
year teaching and I decided to take on a new
challenge. Local inner city schools had been advertising
turn around initiatives, and I decided to give it a go as
the school I was at had successfully completed a turn
around initiative started when I had first arrived. The
two schools were very similar with one major
difference. The proportion of students who were listed as
"economically disadvantaged" (poverty) was the same at
both schools but I was leaving primarily Hispanic to go to
primarily Black.

The entire year was a complete disaster from beginning to
end. I could probably write an entire book about the shit
I saw there, but I'm just going to give you the
highlights, starting from least to most serious.

Class was basically optional. Kids would walk in or out
constantly, if they showed up at all. Any attempts to
enforce any kind of rules about tardiness and truancy was
usually met with "fuck you nigga". And even if they did
show up, they were rowdy and off task constantly. Very
little education took place in that room. Or any of them
rooms really. For example, one girl pulled out her phone,
turned on some music, jumped on her desk and started
dancing on top of the desk. I tried to get her down but
she kept telling me "fuck you" over and over. This was at
least weekly for her. This same little bitch also have a
speech to the school board about the institutional forces
that keep black people down. Before you accuse me of
having shitty classroom management, I tried talking to my
AP and my principal about what to do because I had never
experienced anything like this. And they told me something
I was going to hear repeatedly throughout the year. "It's
just their culture. You have to respect that." It's
important to note that I was LITERALLY the only white male
in the building. Almost every other adult was black with a
few Hispanic men and another white woman. The black female
principal with a PhD in education told me it's just their
culture and I have to respect that. Wow. I wish it ended
there but it doesn't.

The crab bucket mentality is real. I had a handful of good
kids, and coincidentally I'm sure, they were almost all
African immigrants. One boy from Rwanda was accepted to
STANFORD! Holy shit I was so proud of him and so happy for
him. Know who wasn't? The college counselor trying to
pressure him to change his mind and go to fucking
Grambling instead. Said he was turning his back on his
community by going to Stanford.

Trying to manage them was bad enough, but each class had
about 40 kids in it. You might think this is a problem
with funding but we got more money per kid than every
other high school in the area (and this is a MAJOR
city). It didn't go to hiring teachers, it went to just
maintaining all the shit the kids just destroyed for
fun. We issued each student a laptop, and it was a pretty
small school, about 850 kids. Throughout the year we had
to issue about 1000 replacements. The kids kept pawning
them, or just destroying them for fun. Several times I
caught groups of them just throwing the laptops against
the wall or down the stairs, cackling and howling while
taking turns filming it for Vine (this was before TikTok
took off). Every single TI83 calculator in the building
was stolen from every math and science teacher. But can't
you just make them put it back before they leave? You
think we didn't try? They'd howl and scream about any
number of things and just storm out with it anyway. And
again, couldn't do anything about it because the school
cop told me, along with the principal, it's just their

I don't want to hear shit about "well they can't worry
about school when they're poor and may not make rent and
are hungry" either. Every two weeks we handed out bags of
groceries to every kid in addition to the school cafeteria
serving free breakfast and lunch to the kids and free
dinner later in the evening to students and their
families. I don't know why, it was a fucking waste. They'd
fish out the snacks and dump everything else. Hundreds of
pounds of food wasted a month. We often tried to salvage
what we could when they'd just throw the bags on the
floor. And I know for a fact that almost all of the
housing in the area was heavily subsidized section 8.

And we haven't even touched the real big issue yet, which
is violence. Fights were a daily thing. There was pretty
much at all times a fight going on somewhere in the halls
or in the classroom. Usually the punishment for a fight
was about an hour in ISS. A kid needed on average 5 fights
before anything more substantial happened, like a one day
suspension. Notice how I said "in the classroom" too? At
least once a week a teacher got hit. I had quite a few
take swings at me. Again, usually just sit in ISS for an
hour, right back the next day. The first time a kid took a
swing at me, principal demanded to know what I did to
provoke him... apparently telling him to remain in his
seat was enough to set him off, and it was my
fault. Again, why? It's their culture.

And now the big one, where I decided I was done. A group
of 6 of the biggest assholes followed me out to the
parking lot and they showed me their knives. Said if they
didn't get credit for my class toward graduation, they'd
kill me. I was terrified. I ran to the school resource
officer and the principal. The principal told me I had to
give them extra credit. You guessed it, it's just their
culture, these things happen. And we wouldn't want to
wreck their lives with a police report over something like
this would we? For the first time ever in my life, I told
a supervisor to fuck off. I would do no such thing, and I
would finish my contract to the letter, but I would do
absolutely nothing extra of any kind, I was done with that
shithole. I never walked the same path twice and kept my
back to a wall at all times until in the parking lot where
I was constantly looking over my shoulder, prepared to run
at any time.

That was 3 years ago. I went to another school in the
district, just as poor but Hispanic instead of black. The
principal is also Hispanic and an alum of the school. And
because of this school, I'm glad I didn't quit
education. I love it here, it's just like the school I
started off at. There's issues with poverty but they're
good people trying to make the best of what they have and
I go into work each day (not so much anymore with remote
learning due to COVID, but you get what I mean) with a
smile on my face. Yeah I have shitty kids, but we all do
every year. I was deeply saddened by COVID because I
didn't get to say a proper goodbye, I actually cried over
that. Except 2017, when it was almost every kid, every

That sentence is burned into my brain. It's just their
culture. If so, you'll have to forgive me when I'm not
exactly sympathetic to your cause. Because you did it to

I was a white kid in a 95% black high school. It was an absolute nightmare

Reading that teacher's post from yesterday really inspired
me to post my own story (I'm also a teacher, but I don't
teach at a school like that or the one I'm going to
describe), which I'm sure isn't unique. I grew up poor in
a bad neighborhood; technically, I'm Hispanic, but I look
white and everyone assumes I'm just white. My elementary
and middle school experiences were great, but when it came
to go to high school, suddenly all the white and Asian
kids I'd made friends with went to private school, leaving
me going to the county public school. What I saw there was
eye-opening and sadly influenced my understanding of race
in America for years to come. I'm going to try to describe
my experience below as objectively as possible, but it was
still a very emotional time for me and it hurts to recall
it even now, so many years later.

I think the first thing I that shocked me was the noise of
it all. It was very common to find multiple black kids
screaming at the teacher, rapping, or yelling at each
other all at the same time. I found myself drowned out in
the constant din; forget asking a question, you couldn't
even hear the teacher. Obviously, actual learning was not
very common.

I was repeatedly harassed both verbally and physically
while just trying to attend school. One time, when I was
walking home from school, black kids threw padlocks they'd
taken off the lockers at me; one hit me in the back of the
head and I saw stars. It bled all afternoon and left a
huge scar. Another time, a black kid I'd never met before
punched me square in the mouth and called me a "white
devil." When I protested that I was half-Mexican, he
called me a "spic" and punched me again. His friends held
me down and stole my wallet. I could go on and on about
how I suffered abuse for two years, from being jumped in
the bathroom to having all my things stolen out of my
locker and destroyed. Every time I'd ask why, the response
was devastatingly simple: "Cuz you white." They never
tried to hide it: they hated me simply because I was, in
their eyes, white.

Most of the black kids who beat me up, stole my stuff, and
verbally harassed me got in trouble, at least for a
while. But never for long, and they never got expelled,
and even if they had, there was a seemingly endless supply
of people who hated me because they considered me white.

The idea of race had never really occurred to me in
elementary and middle school when I was in a mostly white
and Asian environment. I had never seen real, actual chaos
in an educational environment. But in high school, it
wasn't uncommon to see a line of black girls twerking (I
knew what twerking was a full decade before it became
popular in wider culture) for an approving group of black
boys, sometimes during class. It wasn't uncommon to see
black girls rip out each others weave, or even for black
boys take a swing at the teacher (there was a uniformed
police officer in most of my classes to prevent this);
there was at least one serious fight a day at my high
school. And everyone was hyper-aware of race, making fun
of darker black kids as well as the lighter-skinned black
kids. I heard constant racial slurs from blacks that I
didn't even know existed before I went to high school.

The abuse was so bad I started skipping high school for
days at a time. Eventually, in my junior year, after
begging my mom, I was sent to a private high school that
was majority white, and thank God, all my problems
stopped. I was legitimately planning to kill myself by
that time because of the constant abuse I'd suffered at
the hands of my black classmates if I had to start junior
year. Most of the non-black kids I knew from that high
school didn't finish or transferred out; one kid did,
tragically, overdose. I knew him and he got abuse as bad
or worse than I did; I'm sure it played a role in his

I was left with the indelible impression that black people
are different from whites. Note I didn't say worse, or
lesser, or inferior; merely different. The environments
that work for them don't work for me, and all the
non-black kids I've ever talked to who had similar
experiences tend to agree (at least in private). I don't
approve of racism in any form, but race is very important,
very real, and plays a big role in American daily
life. I'd challenge anyone who thinks otherwise to go
spend some time at their nearest largely black grade

The "I Used to Teach in an Inner City School Post" is a
primary example of the latent racism that perpetuates
racial and economic injustice.

The problem in that post is the attribution of blame. OP
details many of the atrocious problems that plague inner
city schools. These problems and observations are true, no
doubt. I have taught in inner city schools for 14 years,
and I can attest that many of the issues OP mentions are

However, OP labels them "shitty students," and uses the
refrain that he/she was told that it's "just their
culture." OP completely dismisses this and places the
blame for the problems purely on the students and/or
parents. Herein lies the problem. If, everyday, I were to
go up to an individual from the time they were babies, and
I slowly tied their feet together, closer and closer
everyday (and I did the same thing to their parents,
grandparents, ad infinitum) who's to blame when they are
young adults and are unable to run because their feet are
completely together? Not only that, their parent's feet
are tied together as well, so, they don't know how to
teach the child to run. Then OP comes in and makes a post
berating the child for not being able to run and saying
that it's "HIS/HER Fault." That's ridiculous, it isn't
their fault in this scenario, it's MINE, THE SYSTEM, that
perpetuates racial and economic inequality. The longer we
blame the person whose feet are tied for not being able to
run, the longer it will take to stop the one who is tying
their feet together and has been for generations!

EDIT: (to highlight the "latent racism" claim). The
problem with this type of attribution of blame is that it
allows one to deride a group of people without
acknowledging racial, economic, and historically specific
struggles. All human beings are influenced by their
environment, which, in turn, influences culture. If one
examines that individual in a vacuum (along with the
others from the same environment/circumstance) one
attributes their shortcomings to who they are AS A PERSON,
as opposed to who they are AS A PRODUCT of
circumstance. Going with my leg tying analogy, if one
looked at them in a vacuum, one would think, "Oh, look at
that group of people, all they can do is hop around like a
bunch of crazies. They really are crazy people!!" That's
where this type of attribution leads us, and it stagnates
any true, structural change.


Teaching in the ghetto is genuinely one of the most depressing things

Sorry if this is blunt. I'm just fed up

I teach in one of the worst elementary schools in my state

These kids aren't held accountable by anyone. Parents have
no clue what they're doing and don't care while admin just
looks for the simplest band-aid solution, which usually
involves sending kids back to class with a "warning"

Our students will get argue and get into fights because
someone looked at them. If I had a dollar for every time
someone said "BOO! Quit lookin at me!" I'd retire next
week. They bicker over the pettiest bullshit

Ignorance is almost like a badge of pride for some of
them, and they think that they're pulling a fast one on
you by not doing their work. It's the very definition of
cutting off your nose to spite your face. These students
practically revel in it. You remember that scene in Tropic
Thunder when RDJ's character tells Ben Stiller his serious
movie sucked because he went full retard? That's our
problem right here: too many Simple Jacks, not enough RDJs

What's particularly incredible about working here is how
so many students just don't understand consequences, no
matter how many times they experience them. I'm consistent
with them, they act shocked and upset every time they get
in trouble

Then you've got the usual stuff like "I don't have any
school supplies, but look at the new shoes my mom bought

I stopped actually teaching at some point in March and
became the one thing I hate: the guy who just hands out
worksheets. But I realized it's either my sanity and
health or bending over backwards for a school that clearly
doesn't have anyone's best interests in mind, teacher or
student, and definitely doesn't pay enough to deal with
everything here. Since they've treated me like a glorified
babysitter that's exactly what I've been doing

If there's any silver lining to this it's that there's
only one more week of this and I'm gone. Already got a job
lined up for next year at a much better school. Also the
entire administrative staff here (one principal, three
assistant principals) have all lost their jobs and been
demoted effective the end of the year

-- Just commenting to say I feel the same exact way. I am
high school, Math, Title I.

-Two students dead in two years from gun violence outside of school

-Multiple times kids just stand up and walk out of the room to buy/sell

-Any confrontation or attempt to stop the "norm" around
here is met by resistance from students, administrators,
and (when they exist) parents.

-The "norm" is a graduation rate of 90% and embarrassing
test results. Something like 15% of our students are on
grade level. Math, my subject, has an average final exam
score of less than 20% school-wide. I think this is
incredibly impressive on a four-option multiple choice
format. I think our students would score better if they
filled in "C" for every answer. The students are just
passed through to keep enrollment up, administrators
paid, and the wheels turning.

-I also feel like a babysitter and have turned into
"worksheet man". I am done standing in front of the room,
calling the "behavior specialist" (full-time football
coach paid more than teacher with no classroom), and
being told that I need to do more for a population of
dumb and unmotivated families. I cannot possibly do more
to help a student with 40+ block absences. I cannot
possibly do more for people who are constantly rude and
aggressive towards me. The only other white teacher in
our department got punched by a student as he stood in
the doorway and resigned last December. I'm not getting
punched on May 20th.

* * *

Если вкратце, для черного ребенка из гетто,
учиться чему-то это дикое западло, и если он будет
учиться, его риальне затравят и будут пиздить,
причем не только одноклассники, но семья и
родственники. Есть даже специальное название
для таких расовых предателей, "Oreo", типа
черный снаружи, а внутри белый.

Естественно, белые либералы называют это
долбоебство "культурой" и стараются его культивировать,
потому что если указывать неграм, что они
в чем-то неправы, это расизм и нетолерантность.

По факту, никакой особенной культуры там нет,
кроме бактериальной, но есть набор тошнотворных
стереотипов, закрепленный с помощью голливуда,
телевидения, продукции музыкальной индустрии
(все это контролируется белыми, естественно),
и трудов гуманитариев, специализирующихся по
"мультикультурализму", тоже белых.

Думаю, что если бы не белые либералы, жизнь в
гетто была бы гораздо приличнее. Лучше всего по
их поводу выразился Малькольм X, известный
негритянский революционер.

In this deceitful American game of power politics, the

Negroes (i.e., the race problem, the integration and
civil rights issues) are nothing but tools, used by one
group of whites called Liberals against another group of
whites called Conservatives, either to get into power or
to remain in power. Among whites here in America, the
political teams are no longer divided into Democrats and
Republicans. The whites who are now struggling for
control of the American political throne are divided into
"liberal" and "conservative" camps. The white liberals
from both parties cross party lines to work together
toward the same goal, and white conservatives from both
parties do likewise.

The white liberal differs from the white conservative
only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the
conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the
conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is
the one who has perfected the art of posing as the
Negro's friend and benefactor; and by winning the
friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the
white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool
in this political "football game" that is constantly
raging between the white liberals and white

The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that

runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love
Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following
these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that
Negros have. If the Negro wasn't taken, tricked or
deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get
together and solve our own problems. I only cite these
things to show you that in America, the history of the
white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery
designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was
going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be
solved by the white man.


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