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холокост впереди [Aug. 10th, 2020|09:13 pm]
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Я послушала передачу, в которой великий Богомяков читал
разные тексты, завидуя их авторам, в том числе и себе.
Среди прочего, поэт прочитал текст ненаписанной песни Пинк
Флойда, который он перевел на русский. Очевидно, где-то
так звучит оригинал:

All the night long
They wouldn't stop clapping, and listening to the applause
I have realized
That every man is for himself
And the God is
And the God is ever
Ever against...

...No, I wouldn't say I have understood it,
After all, I don't understand much,
Not even the way they make that strange sound,
Very much like the doors of the Hell,
Or is it the doors of the Heaven

But I know a Holocaust waits ahead,
And I play guitar to make my fingers bleed,
I sing the cruelty of that world
And of the love unschooled,
They never teach love in our schools,
And I know everyone is fated to die,
To die fighting,

Yet you ask for the good news,
Here's the good news for you,
You know that banner
Of the First Infantry Division
Of the dying Army?
You know that banner,
Well the good news is
That banner is not getting down,
Never again.
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