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Пишет galitsin ([info]galitsin)
@ 2009-04-30 23:46:00

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Entry tags:galitsin, galitsin dvd, galitsin-news, galitsyn, putin

Письмо Президенту (на английском)
Дублирую, потому что на blogspot уже два моих блога заблокированы за спам.
http://galitsin-art.blogspot.com/ вот этот - для англоязычных
http://galitsin-hippolog.blogspot.com/ - и вот этот. Может быть кто нибудь пояснит почему!?

Letter to the President (Putin)
Letter to the President (published in many places, including at Master-X forum)

В.В Putin - President of Russia.
Administration of the President of the Russian Federation
103132 Moscow, Staraya Square, home. 4
from Galitsyna G.A born in 1957, accused of Art. 242-1, Part 2 p, in st.133 detained in SIzo number 1, Volgograd, 400131, Volgograd, Golubinskaya st, house 3


I appealed to you more than six months ago with a letter addressed to the Administration for Affairs of the President. Unfortunately, without any result. The complaint-letter was sent back to Volgograd prosecutor. Then I got a letter from the head of the department which supervise the investigation of crimes prosecutors in Volgograd region - Safonov V.A. in 19.01.2007 the number 189206. And I heard humiliating oral comment from the investigator Chernyshov С.В. leading case and the Deputy Chief of Investigations procuratorial Volgograd region Goschuk V.V.
The same complaint - I published on the Internet. There, I received many comments and observations on the softness of my very first appeal.
Activists prosecutors commented about you with humiliating tone, and said that "Your President did not help you "
This was the first lesson that I received. I understood that you govern the country and State Prosecutor's Office is another, which lives unfortunately by its own rules.
Indeed, instead of aid, and unbiased attitude to my case, I've got harassment and repression against me and my family.
All the answers to my complaints and petitions have a humiliating character. The same text in different combinations even reprinted with the same mistakes. I have never been called for interview or explanation. I watched TV and hoped that would be some news about the fate of the first and the best Russian erotic photographer, who created his own website to sell his works in the international market.
After I worte a complaint, I was transferred to a new camera, whivh was much worse than my previous one, with no TV.
Indeed, I am probably too high opinion of my personality.
When famous people such as the State Duma Deputy Alexei Mitrofanov 05.02.2007 sent a request to the Deputy General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation "About a corruption in the current administrative system of state power in the Volgograd region" and then there is no visible change in the prosecutor's office, which will soon govern, not only the city but the all country.
My message may not leave the walls of the prosecutor's office, because it got to the next room from my investigator. Quickly through the text, harvested investigator conducting my business, the answer was written with the sole marked "... to a complaint received from the Administration of President R.F So the complaint was sent back to those who it was written to, the decision hadn't been taken, the control was not implemented. And once again, I completely lost hope for a fair review of my case.
After the death of the mother, after several heart attacks and hypertonic crisis, after my family had applied a clear and targeted repression, I can only ask you to apply to the Prosecutor General of Russia in art. 462 CCP. the deprivation of my citizenship of Russia, the temporary suspension of the nationality or consider me a person without citizenship, or to send me and my civil wife Pischasovkaya I.A. in investigative or judicial authorities of the European Union or the United States for a fair investigation of cases and proceedings.
The reason for this is the fact that all activities related to erotic site galitsin-news.com, which I have created, has been in the United States and European states and was not in the territory of Russia.
1. I have not had any commercial or promotional activities on the territory of Russia;
2. company, which I owned and registered in order to monetize the erotic site was registered in the State of Montana (USA);
3. I have paid all taxes as a person registered firms in the U.S. jurisdiction of each year;
4. All contracts concluded and serviced by American or European firms;
5. album of my photos was published in the German publisher Edition `s Reuss in Germany;
6. Any photos or video, made in the R.F were not available and not advertised in Russia.
I would like also to note that established in February 2004, the erotic site galitsin-news.com was completely legal in the United States and the European Union.
The guarantor of legality was the fact that we had to pay via credit card VISA billing charges system. Before we take to service the site - members of VISA inspected the site for legal and decency. They have rigid and conservative governance. Girls, in their demands, should look like adults. If they believe the site is outside the limits of decency, they closed their services without giving a reason.
In the production of an investigator for the Prosecutor's Office ATS SU Volgograd region Chernysheva SV is a criminal case number 509274 filed 08.09.2006
Deputy Attorney Volgograd region on the basis of the crimes
provided st.133, st.242-1 Part 2, Clause "in" the Criminal Code, on the facts of forced sexual acts against Bazhenova J.A. and the proliferation of pornography depicting minors. I want to immediately notice that we haven't done shootings involving minors, we did not engage them in work, it was rather an exception to the rule than the current practice.
I would like also to clarify that the original testimony, the basis to the initiation of criminal proceedings belong to a mentally unstable patient, a minor at that time, sexually concerned, of jealousy, as she explains it herself. This is a conflict person with painful, fragile psyche, which has been constanly conflicted with her family and school. For example, she has a conflict with her mother because she walked naked to the stepfather in her absence. She went out of the house and left the school for several times. Since 16 years she lived with an adult partner. Jealousy suddenly woken up, after I stopped communicating with the victim and did not met her within 9 months. This is a strong feeling, but it's not a reason to write a statement and to bind people. In an attempt of reconciliation with the victim, which was taken without my participation, she explained d that, she sorry about her testimony, the fact that I was specified, but now she is afraid of their friends, thugs and investigating Chernyshev S.V.
Forensic psychiatric examination that is required in this case, in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure st.196 p.4 R.F, had not been made. I think it would be much better to clarified victim's motivations. Although the foundation laid down clearly mercantile considerations: the statement of claim in one and a half million rubles that Bazhenova required - this is the real reason for writing statements and blackmail.
At the victim Bazhenova also has been provided the psychological pressure of her adult friends in order to profit from this situation. Previously, the same friends blackmailed me, threatening me with the fact that Bazhenova wsan't 18 years at that time. Later the blackmail continued, with the full acquiescence of the investigation, and eventually formed a civil action in the face value of one million rubles for the mythical moral damage.
Just now become clear that the civil action was a pretext to arrest my expensive car, money, to prohibit any transactions, such as entry into the inheritance, termination of the transaction of sale. Through the aid of man of straw the Prosecutor's Office drew the money in their favor, but I was completely deprived of any available means of reconciliation with the victim: bail, ordering products in the store SIzo, prosthetic teeth, buying drugs.
The investigation was carried out formally, because the main purpose of the investigation - weaning from me all the means of livelihood, apartments, cars, money - the result has been resolved completely.
My fault did not prove, except investigator's allegations that were written in closely legal language.
a) I would like, also recalled that a law regulating the circulation of erotic products with erotic or pornographic content are not adopted by the State Duma of Russian Federation.
There was no explanation of what should be called pornography or erotic. What is illegal, and what can be considered legitimate.
b) The law, explaining that the pornography is not accepted, then the actual charge of the manufacture, storage, etc. are meaningless. Therefore, I am detained in SIzo 8 months illegally. In appalling conditions, which caused me severe physical and mental suffering and violate my constitutional rights and freedoms.
c) I have provided medical treatment only with the permission of the investigator, despite the fact that I suffer from a number of serious diseases: hepatitis C, hypertension, varicosity, gastric ulcer. What I have been writing petitions and complaints, which are completely neglected, or have a negative response. More than half a year, I couldn't obtain from the investigator visiting dental clinics under escort. Fell dentures didn't give me the opportunity to take normal food and talk. Answers of the investigator Chernyshov to treatment in this case border on bullying.
d) The consequence is a customized, focused nature.
Thus a number of important witnesses were not even questioned in the case of (A. Oganezov - the stage director from St. Petersburg).
Female "Organizators" were transferred to the rank of "witness" because of personal investigator's sympathies (translator Petrova E.G.) or against them were dismissed a criminal case (the organizer of (name deleted because the request of the person)) - responsible for the age of models.
d) in relation to the victim Bazhenova was not made the psychiatric examination obligatory in this cases according to the art. 196 CCP p.4.
Also, I would like to say that during the investigation repressions were made against my family and me. So the court and prosecutors do not take into consideration the serious illness of my mother (72 years at the time of the arrest). I have not been released under house arrest on a subscription to care for sick mother, who was totally dependent on me. What proves oppressive article which used against me and the full brutality of the investigation.
At the beginning of the investigation of my case, the mother was summoned to the prosecutor's office investigator cabinet for talks with the aim of the psychological pressure on me. He behaved provocative with my mother, shouted on her, threatened to demonstrate amateur film (which was made for personal use with my participation).
I regarded it as illegal pressure on me, threats and blackmail to force me to testify.
To tell my mother, who is proud of me, proud of the fact that I am a well-known photographer, that BBC is going to make a film about me, that the album of my photos was released in Germany, so proud that I succeeded in life, because I always care about it and I can allow her treatment in a cardiology center, her rehabilitation at an expensive spa hotel, consultations and good doctors, the new expensive medicines.
It is only a month ago, she has endured a stroke. After the screams and threats, my mother became ill and I asked her to go home, I tried to calm her down, I called relatives, so that they could help her.
A few days after a visit to the investigator's mother got to the hospital with a stroke.
As the investigative experiment, and to provide on me an additional pressure I was taken under escort to the hospital, where my mother was paralyzed, lying in the general ward, and hardly recognized me. I tried to reassure her but I had nothing to help her. I didn't know with what level of health my mother was discharged from hospital, and the investigation authorities were alerted about this by the legal counsel. A mother had relatives, but they just said that they would not take care of it. The procuracy investigator in art. 160 CCP does not ensure her interests. They didn't transfered my mother to relatives to take care for her, her legal guardian was not appointed, she was not assigned to social security. She was simply put and left without any help to die in the apartment. As a result, 19 December 2006, my mother died, after three months of terrible agony, without proper and medical care. I see the unlawful pressure on me in everything what have happened from the part of investigation for the purpose of giving testimony that could be described as an action subject to the investigator st.302 Part 1 Code of Criminal Procedure.
When I was taken under escort to the dying mother in the hospital, I agreed to testify in exchange for a "subject to restricted residence" and the ability to save my mother. But these statements didn't like to investigator and I have not been released.
Full inhumanity investigation proved that I knew all the circumstances of my mother's disease and the serious problems of the mother's level of health, but for frivolous reasons all my motions were denied.
14 November 2006 Court of Central District, Judge Guseva E.V. at the motion investigation extended the period of detention for 4 months. A month later his mother died and I was not even released under escort at her funeral.
Unfortunately, experimentation and repression against me have not ended. The investigation has decided to determine what pressure I will be able to withstand further!
After my mother's death my health has become worse. I've had a few heart attacks and hypertonic crisis. With that diagnosis, I was taken to the "hospital at prison" Liu -15. On the same day in the Internet a report of my death was published. What was that? Another provocation prosecutors or I simply "lost" in SIzo.
It is very simple to discredit the man! First, assign pornography to minors, then the act of hanging in his cell - briefly, the conscience tortured maniac and monster.
These excellent methods to our prosecutors have worked since 1937. ...
I am sure that this kind of messages will appear in the media.
They must have something to justify the arrest, my illegal detention, the printed media and all other prison romance and fascination. It would be good for investigation, that my heart couldn't stand it ... Because I even didn't have a possibility to complete my cure in the prison's hospital.
March 9, my civil wife Pischasovoy I.A. the correspondence was confiscated, which I formally did from SIzo, through censorship. Also was arrested my car *Hammer* with obscure motivation as a material evidence.
13 March 2007, as well as the false accusations and to further pressure on me my civil wife Pischasova I.A. (23 years old) has been arrested, who had a number of serious illnesses. Instead of the normal school, she studied in the special - the boarding school, this fact was also well known to the investigation.
Before my arrest my wife had two operations corrective vision and strabismus.
After her arrest, during the period of detention, the daily stages is extremely tiring to the Prosecutor's Office review the case in the office of SU to 8 hours a day, her vision has become worse again. Even the investigator noted that strabismus was opened again. So, that is why my wife will take additional painful and expensive surgery. Circumstances of her detention are illegal and must be checked immediately. All her fault was that she refused to testify against me, her husband.
Difficult to make sensible person to sign all the delusion, which composes the investigator.

Based on the above described beg you!

1. Check and supervise the verification of all facts set forth in the complaint.
2. Stop the legal chaos.
Prior to the adoption of the law on turnover of erotic and pornographic products.
3. Undo articles: 242, 242-2 - as oppressive, in my case, offers great potential for abuse in law enforcement.
4. Amnesty to all persons brought under 242, 242-1, and related to the adoption of civilized law.
5. Free me and my wife, as victims of reprisals by the Prosecutor's Office with the moral and material damages in full.
6. If a civilized solution to this question is impossible in Russia, please ask the Attorney General R.F on granting me and my wife civilian in any country of the European Union or the United States for a fair investigation and humane treatment of us.
7. If I and my wife's detention is necessary, I would ask me to provide medical assistance to the extent necessary to preserve my health. In the future I would like to create a complete family with my wife and be civil with her children.

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2009-05-01 00:26 (ссылка)
>Может быть кто нибудь пояснит почему!?

Potomu chto u vas byl krajnej mere odin post celikom iz linkov, ehto v principe klassicheskij linkspam. Zdes' administraciya v kurse, v chem delo, poehtomu nikakikh repressij ne bylo. A esli gde ne v kurse, mogut na avtomate zakryt'.

(Ответить) (Ветвь дискуссии)

Спасибо за разьяснения!
2009-05-01 00:49 (ссылка)
Я вообще интернетом снова стал пользоваться не так давно. А блог и вовсе никогда не вел. Пост из линков нашел где то на просторах... Показалось интересным то что на моей фамилии так это время деньги и зарабатывались. Если раньше это были партнеры моего платника, то теперь уже не партнеры. Так лучше этот пост из blogspot удалить и не использовать такие вещи в дальнейшем?!

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

Re: Спасибо за разьяснения!
2009-05-01 16:02 (ссылка)
Как же вы без интернета столько порн сайтов содержали?

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

Re: Спасибо за разьяснения!
2009-05-01 16:29 (ссылка)
Там было слово "снова". Это значит "после тюрьмы"7 Ну а так то сайт у меня один был, а перед арестом открыли второй.

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

Re: Спасибо за разьяснения!
2009-05-01 16:31 (ссылка)
понятно )

(Ответить) (Уровень выше)

Re: Спасибо за разьяснения!
2009-05-01 16:24 (ссылка)
>Так лучше этот пост из blogspot удалить и не использовать такие вещи в дальнейшем?!


Prosto vse isgadilos': za poslednie 2-3 goda razvilos' mnogo spammerov, kotorye pachkami zavodyat fiktivnye blogi, chtoby obmanyvat' poiskovye mashiny (nazyvaetsya SEO "search engine optimization"). Nu i ikh pytayutsya davit'.

Na LJR vy pod takuyu razdachu garantirovano ne popadete, a gde-nibud' eshche -- legko.

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

Re: Спасибо за разьяснения!
2009-05-01 16:34 (ссылка)
Везде где вспомнил удалил этот пост.
Вот раньше кто то из команды писал чтобы удалили наши фотографии, в случае нелегального их использования.
А тут нашел на pornolab.net весь почти свой контент который выставлялся, так я даже спасибо написал.
Так интересно посмотреть было.
Новые реалии - привыкну надеюсь.

(Ответить) (Уровень выше)