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Пишет nancygold ([info]nancygold)
@ 2021-11-16 18:07:00

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Настроение: excited
Музыка:Dead Or Alive - Nukleopatra
Entry tags:transitioning

India - Israel for Transgender people
Maybe my homeland is India?
In many countries in southern Asia, people who are born male, but present their gender in a feminine manner, often identify as hijras. Since their identity is a separate, third gender that carries characteristics of both man and woman, it challenges western gender and sexual classifications. Hijras played an important role in India’s history and were celebrated in many Hindu texts. They were seen as symbols of good luck and fertility and would preform at weddings and after births. But, due to British colonialism imposing new codes of sexual morality, hijras were legally and socially ostracized from society. Hijra’s are often shunned by their families and expelled from their homes. Many hijras live together in communities for a sense of stability and protection.

Imagine a Gensokyo like community in real life!