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What Happens When My Girlfriend Gets Older? [Dec. 21st, 2018|04:03 am]
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By its very nature, amaros is perceived by many to be a promiscuous orientation, since it is an attraction to a specific age group. Common logic has it that the childlover is inclined just to discard his young lover when she has passed out of his age of attraction. This does not, however have to be the case, and no true child lover would be so callous as to subject his young lover to such hurt and rejection for such a superficial reason.

To those who do not understand how it is possible for a professed childlover to continue loving a girl even after she has grown older I would ask a question: Does young man in his twenties who marries a young lady in her twenties stop loving her when she is in her forties? When he was in his twenties, he was most likely not attracted to women in their forties. Very likely, as a man in his forties, he remains attracted to pretty young ladies in their twenties. What about when his young bride grows old, gets fat, her teeth fall out, her hair turns white and her face grows wrinkled? On a purely objective level, the young man may not still find the woman who was once his young bride to be attractive any longer. Nevertheless, because he loves her, he looks not upon her face but upon her heart, and she remains attractive to him because he sees her through the filters of love, respect and admiration.

For the same reason, I would certainly not cease to stop loving a young girl simply because she reached the age of fourteen. I take love and trust very seriously, and would certainly not do anything that would violate that trust with my young lover. Just because I am very attracted to young girls does not mean that I do not find older girls to be attractive as well.

This is not to say that I would remain in a romantic relationship with my young lover forever. As we get to know each other better, one or the other of us may decide that we do not wish to be in the relationship any longer for any one of a variety of reasons. Age-disparate relationships are affected by all of the same influences as age-similar relationships. People sometimes discover that they are incompatible or that they are seeking something that their partner does not possess and they choose to end the relationship. In actual fact, the chances are that my young lover, in her enthusiasm to see the world blossoming before her, will elect to leave me before I ever grow tired of her, and I must also prepare myself for that possibility.

That being said, the chance still exists that I am the one who will wish to end the relationship. In such a case, I would always be very careful to handle the situation with the utmost of sensitivity out of respect for the dignity of my young lover and out of gratitude for the immense gift that she has given me. Furthermore, the end of romantic involvement does not necessarily spell the end of friendship. While the romantic aspect of the relationship may not survive the test of time, two people can find that their relationship has taken on a different character and they can transform the bond they built as lovers into an even stronger bond of friendship.

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