Misha Verbitsky - June 3rd, 2016

June 3rd, 2016

June 3rd, 2016
04:04 pm


Hollowland, a zombie novel

По ссылке от [info]balalajkin, Уоррен Эллис:

...And because, in a big, wide and badly curated internet,

we have learned to tune into that very intently in order
to find the good things. We now live in a world where our
most popular authors have reached their heights without
the benefit of one wall poster, one paid placement or one
mainstream newspaper feature. Amanda Hocking became a
millionaire without anyone noticing, in terms of
mainstream media or even broad cultural conversation.

И действительно:

Employed as a group home worker until 2010, she wrote 17
novels in her free time. In April 2010, she began
self-publishing them as e-books. By March 2011, she had
sold over a million copies of her nine books and earned
two million dollars from sales, previously unheard of for
self-published authors. In early 2011, Hocking averaged
9,000 book sales each day.

Стать миллионером, написав 17 книжек в свободное от
работы время и выложив их на своем сайте; без контракта,
без паблисити, без ничего вообще.

Не думал, что такое бывает.


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