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January 29th, 2012
12:19 pm


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 Баурия (Bauria) — вымерший род подотряда тероцефалов семейства Bauriidae. Жил в раннем триасовом периоде.

 По образу жизни баурия была, вероятно, насекомоядной или хищником.

 Bauriidae is a family of therocephalian therapsids. Bauriids are among the most advanced eutherocephalians and possess several mammal-like features such as a secondary palate. Unlike other therocephalians, bauriids were herbivorous. Two subfamilies are classified within Bauriidae: Nothogomphodontinae and Bauriinae.

 Bauriids have a dentition characteristic of herbivores. There are four incisors on either side of the upper jaw. Like other therocephalians, bauriids have moderately enlarged canines. The postcanine teeth behind the canines are broad. The postcanines of the upper and lower jaw fit tightly together as an adaptation to processing plant material.


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