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Пишет nancygold ([info]nancygold)
@ 2021-11-15 15:43:00

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Настроение: frustrated
Entry tags:transitioning

Typical Grindr conversation:
Me: Hi sis! Can you help getting hrt pills? I will pay triple the price!
Girl: No. Ask your doctor. Self medication is dangerous.
Me: Nazitherlands have 3 years waiting list for prescription. I'm too old to wait.
Girl: You're not special, so wait like the rest of us.
Me: I'm doing these pills to be a human being. If I get off the pills, my testosterone kicks in, I will turn into a beast, really aggressive and impulsive one, so I can commit a mass murder. Like Elliot Rodger.
Girl: You are pathetic and should be killed.

Literally every second conversation on Grinds turn like that.

I have never expected that transgender people will be supportive of government totalitarism and gatekeeping. Just like Russian vatniks, worshiping strong Putin's hand.

I.e. they will rather kill me, than allow me to buy the pills.

And what is more, many Dutch trans girls are stalinist tankies, who actually love Russia.

The more I learn about Dutch people the less I like them.

"The main problem of netherlands" is not really a meme.
It seems that there is some global "Russia" transcending borders and identities.

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2021-11-15 19:45 (ссылка)
Try ordering pills on the darknet. Many different substances are sold there, for sure, and you have the ones you need.

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2021-11-15 20:02 (ссылка)
That requires bank account (to buy BTC).
But usually online pharmacies ask for a western union
https://www.aphrodites.shop did accept BTC, but something happened to their system, so they don't accept it anymore

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2021-11-15 21:05 (ссылка)
First you sound like a police honeypot, a really dumb one.
Then you sound like good old Sadkov, so the result is not surprising - they would rather see you 6 ft underground.

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2021-11-15 21:29 (ссылка)
How should I sound to make people help me?
I'm still very naive and have almost no social skills

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2021-11-16 14:46 (ссылка)
Your anxiety and desperation (I presume) looks like you treating people you met first time in your life like they are HRT sales agents (they aren't) and like they have to solve your problem (they don't). Stop complaining (both irrelevant and annoying). Treat people gently (they may also be very anxious and desperate for similar reasons as you). Ask politely, like "I'm this and this, and I have really big difficulties to get , and I would be very grateful for any help or information or any contact who may be able to help". Take "no" as an answer (they don't owe you anything).

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2021-11-16 14:47 (ссылка)
... to get whatever you need to get, and I would...

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2021-11-16 21:11 (ссылка)
Thank you!

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