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Пишет Misha Verbitsky ([info]tiphareth)
@ 2020-08-12 22:30:00

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Настроение: sick
Музыка:Soft Kill - CHOKE
Entry tags:anarchy, antifa, blm, censorship, usa

антифа-транс отпиздил Боба Блэка
История про то, как антифа-транс
Morgan Le Fay/Elliot Hughes (them/they)
до потери сознания отпиздил Боба Блэка
гениального писателя и анархиста. На тот момент Блэку
было 64 года и он был болен раком.


Блэку инкриминировали предложение сжигать черные церкви наравне
с белыми, в котором антифа усмотрели расизм. Вот статья, за
которую его отпиздили
(она была ответом на акцию антифа, которые уничтожили
книги друзей Боба Блэка
на книжной ярмарке, за какое-то
аналогичное преступление).

Антифа это говно и фашисты, самый пакостный скам вообще.

Я поискал историю Qilombo, антифа из Окланда, которые организовали
побоище, нашел в комментариях вот это.

Nymphalis Antiopa, Jul 5 2019 17:56:
More recently, at the 2014 SF Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair,
Quilombo, a maoist-type organisation, physically attacked
an anarchist bookstall, destroying some books and
intimidating various anarchists (see, for instance, this:
https://socialinsurrection.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/an-open-letter-to-bay-area-anarchists/). And
the response of those who'd been attacked was pretty
pathetic - wanting to discuss things with a gang of
Leninist thugs who'd already shown that they didn't want
to discuss anything. So let's not pretend that this is
merely some internal internecine squabble that anyone with
an anti-authoritarian outlook should just pass by. These
Lenin hero-worshippers have concrete practical
effects. There are countless other examples of Leninists
fucking over concrete struggles (for another example,
there's something in this text, if I remember correctly,
about how a Leninist party helped sabotage a struggle back
in the 90s: https://libcom.org/library/occupational-therapy-university-college-hospital-strikes-occupations-1992

I wouldn't have bothered to post anything here if it
wasn't for the fact that increasingly the so-called
"anti-authoritarian" milieu is becoming feebly tolerant of
authoritarian politics. And, although what you do against
Leninist scum is, as I said, a strategic question, you
have to at least recognise that their influence is
patently confusing and horrendous and a site that can
tolerate LeninistGirl, for example, will tolerate

Black Badger, Jul 5 2019 19:29:

Тhe qilombo fiasco was a more drawn-out process of</a>
degeneration than you make it sound. the eventual
coalescence of the project into a full-blown third
wordlist quasi-maoist gang center was not complete until
months after the event at the book fair. the space had
been opened as "The Holdout" by (mostly white) anarchists
and vaguely radical DIY people in 2011. this entailed a
hefty amount of voluntary labor and donated/liberated
material to make the long-abandoned unit usable as a
community gathering space (computers, a library/bookstore,
a bicycle repair/rebuilding shop, a screen printing work
shop, clothing exchange, sort of a food bank, as well as
offering ongoing and one-off educational events). once it
became clear that the space was stable and more or less
self-sustaining, the identity politicians started moving
in. as befits most sub-marxist cooptions, this process was
gradual. more self-identified People of Color started
hanging out and on occasion participating in
meetings. after the definitive suppression of Occupy
Oakland and during the generalized demoralization that
came in its wake, the first generation of folks who'd
built The Holdout were exhausted, both physically and
emotionally. the scene was set for the quasi-maoists to
make their first move. they rushed a meeting of the
organizers' collective and announced that The Holdout was
white supremacist since there was a white majority in the
collective. white anti-racist ally paralysis ensued, and
within a few weeks, at least half of the people who'd
volunteered their labor and political energy from the
beginning walked away. the influx of the identity
politicians created the necessary mass to change the name
and to restructure the collective into something more
along the lines of democratic centralism, where People of
Color were allotted more influence.

a few months later was
the altercation at the book fair. at that time it wasn't
fully clear to outsiders what had been happening behind
the scenes, and there were still visible anarchists
involved in the restructured project; they had an
informational table set up at the book fair, and their
presence didn't raise any eyebrows. the open letter that
you linked to was written with the accepted presence in
the local anarchist scene of the now-renamed qilombo
social center in mind, and by the fact that there were
still anarchists involved.

about eight months after their
assault and vandalism at the book fair, however, the
handful of remaining anarchists had been purged. in a
process that took a little over a year, the full takeover
(primitive accumulation/resource expropriation) by the
quasi-maoists was then complete. no more white allies, no
more anarchists, no more pretense to being
anti-authoritarian. the building and the adjoining lot
were sold to a gentrifier, who didn't renew the lease and
it took another two years for the eviction to be
complete. it blows that eventually some hideous new
gentrified structure will be built on that site, but good
riddance to those quasi-maoist fuckers.

Также см.

В принципе, все это говно, которое сейчас бушует, народилось
где-то в 2012-2014, по подобным историям можно проследить как.


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2020-08-13 15:46 (ссылка)
его к нему вписали для переночевать перед выступлением
а его этот производитель отпиздил, и выгнал на улицу

> кто то производит психоактивные вещества

как будто полиция не знала
гражданин, есличо, автор книги "как производить опиаты
из кладбищенских венков", и совершенно не скрывал того,
что он их производит

(Ответить) (Уровень выше) (Ветвь дискуссии)

2020-08-13 15:52 (ссылка)

не ок ни разу
но дядечка психанул
(будучи отпизженым среди ночи психом-исламистом
посреди непонятных ебеней)
бывает, хотя не нужно было, конечно

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