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July 18th, 2020
01:22 pm


That is harmful!
Это охуеннейше вообще
идет заседание нью-йоркского совета по образованию
советник по имени Robin Broshi (по профессии
чиновник от образования,
по основному призванию - борец с
) закатывает лютую истерику с судорогами
и пеной изо рта по случаю того, что ее коллега (белый) держит
на коленях черного младенца. В ответ на вопрос, а чего собственно
в этом ужасного, орет еще громче, что спрашивать о подобном
само по себе оскорбительно, а плебс должен сидеть молча и
конспектировать "The White Fragility".

Остальные чиновники там тоже ярко
в подобном же духе по большей части.

Вообще давно пора ввести люстрации для всех
людей со степенью по педагогике, уволить их нахуй
и не подпускать к детским учреждениям ближе, чем
на километр. Эта хуйня не только разрушает мозги,
она есть основная причина упадка школьного
образования в западном мире.

Morden: During our last meeting you were talking about

someone's friend on someone's lap when there were actual
kids who were saying there are racist acts in your school!
Sad! You are sad! But today you want to talk about...

Broshi: Ben!...It hurts people when they see a white man
bouncing a brown baby on their lap and they don't know the
context! That is harmful! It makes people cry! It makes
people log out of our meeting! They don't come here! They
don't come to our meetings! And they give me a hard time
because I'm not vocal enough! And I'm not trying to be a
martyr! I'm trying to illustrate to you that you think I'm
a f**k-excuse me-you think I'm a social justice warrior!
And you think I'm being patronizing and I'm getting
pressure for not being enough of an advocate! And I take
that to heart and that hurts me! And I have to learn to be
a better white person!

Wrocklage: I would like to know before this meeting
adjourns how having my friend's nephew on my lap was
hurtful to people and was racist. Can you please explain?

Broshi: Tom! I've explained it to you! You can Google-you
can read a book! Read [inaudible]! Read White Fragility!
Read How to Talk to White People! It's not my job to
educate you! You're an educated white man! You could read
a book and you could learn about it yourself!


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