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    Saturday, January 18th, 2020
    lleokaganov 3:28a
    это перепост заметки, оригинал находится на моем сайте: https://lleo.me/dnevnik/2020/01/18


    Алексей Аристов 2:5030/31.23, Штутгарт
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    Friday, January 17th, 2020
    Saturday, January 18th, 2020
    Константин Долматов умер. Лучший человек из знакомых.
    Friday, January 17th, 2020
    Constitution Rewrite
    Do you understand now why NOD and similar FSB-outlets pushed that "American constitution" propaganda for so many years?

    Putin began the process of rewriting Russian constitution, giving him absolute power, now officially. The new constitution would allow totalitarian ideology, abolish human rights and national republics. I.e. Chechen, Tatar and Buryat republics will be reformed into usual regions and their ethnicites will lose their additional rights over common Russians (i.e. their languages and culture would be banned).


    Now the only way to save humanity is to nuke Moscow, until it is too late.

    With the Russians it is not a question of whether but of when.
    If you say why not bomb them tomorrow, I say why not today?
    If you say today at five o' clock, I say why not one o' clock?
    -- John von Neumann, generally regarded as the foremost mathematician of his time

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    lleokaganov 2:32p
    До чего дошел прогресс - в каждой жопе GPS
    это перепост заметки, оригинал находится на моем сайте: https://lleo.me/dnevnik/2020/01/17

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    Кнорозов vs Бартель
    Отец Томаса Сильвестра Бартеля, о котором Кнорозов на старости лет сказал "he's my old foe", был, оказывается, весьма известным Arbeiterdichter (дебют – сборник "Verse aus den Argonnen", написанный после участия в WWI). Путь от спартакиста до журналиста KdF занял у Макса Бартеля 15 лет (подобная эволюция взглядов описана в его романе "Das unsterbliche Volk"). Однако разочароваться в коммунизме он успел гораздо быстрее: для этого хватило двух поездок в СССР. Как я его понимаю:

    Например, в марте прошлого года мы провели так называемый Filey — ярмарку книжной культуры. Россия была приглашенной страной: мы сделали роскошный павильон, организовали лекции, приехал ансамбль „Гренада“. Получилось зажигательное и мощное культурное мероприятие, как раз накануне чемпионата по футболу. Заодно мы провели там показательные выборы президента, чтобы мексиканцы увидели, как это происходит у нас. Был отдельный стенд „Бессмертный полк“. Мы показывали мультики „Маша и Медведь“, которые вызвали восторг у публики.

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    кто бы сомневался
    сайберупанцу сдвинули к концу кода. а потом ещё сдвинут. а я давно говорю, что с хайпом у них всё хорошо, а с игрой не очень всё. и будет игра хернёй, запомните этот твит.
    In addition to my previous statement about opinions clashing in an ontological desert of today, I would present this article as a sidenote.

    Indeed, Jordan Peterson assertion about current strain of "postmodern neo-marxism (or neo-marxist postmodernism)" looks absurd taken at its face value, in a most superficial way.

    But what this article suggests is that postmodernism is an actual "next" stepping stone allowing neo-marxist people to into full revisionist, neo-Leninist mode by getting rid of a practice as a necessary step to prove or disprove the neo-Marxist theory, or rather to reinterpret practice as such.

    Leninism revised Marxism in such a way that the most advanced capitalist stage of the economical development was no longer a necessary prerequisite for the proletarian revolution. Any opportunity to revolt and overthrow the government weak enough to be overthrown will do for a Bolshevik, providing the ultimate purpose is to apply the marxist theory to the proletarian state development afterwards, in order to arrive to a practical vision of communism. Postmodernist neo-Leninists do similar mental trick, by taking out the requirement of practical application as an ultimate proof of any theory, including most importantly Marxist theory itself.

    Within postmodernist paradigm practice as not a way to prove or disprove validity of the theory by comparing the verifiable outcomes of its application to the previous state of affairs or to the alternatives.
    Practice is but a collection of perceptual phenomena (philosophical phenomenalism one of the sources of postmodernism), personified state-of-being-in-time-and-place.

    Phenomena is behind the door, perception is a master key.

    As soon as one may get rid of objective economic measurements of success or lack thereof of the Communist or any more or less diluted Socialist doctrine, there are endless possibilities to further the doctrine by comparing other things - i.e. subjective happiness of masses of the people under socialist regimes vs so-called capitalist regimes (I prefer more accurate label "free enterprise"). Which may be actually higher as socialist regimes present a singular narrative of "lucky us" vs "oppressed them" and by carefully controlling the ideological narrative in their mass media and polls, persist in presenting consistently better mass feelings, even if they are not supported in any way by economic prosperity of the nation.

    Stalinism went to extraordinary lengths to falsify the objective economical figures, i.e. the collected harvest or the cars produced or the income of the individual family. It was hard job for the state statisticians to project an image of Soviet prosperity. It was easily disproved by applying correct science. The neo-marxist postmodernist offers a solution: lets concentrate on emotions, feelings, ranging from outrage to elation, lets read the individual twitter narratives instead of boring books. Lets talk about people having the most exquisite orgasm when doing nothing of value nor producing kids, but marching the mass demonstration or expressing themselves on stage.

    Lets also get rid of historical and scientific research as such; instead present the steady narrative of linear progress. Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is even better, and you are the best; we are all extremely proud of you. Target the being-in-time in the most direct way, go strait for the brain pleasure centers.

    The removal of the most crucial aspects of objective reality from the narrative and replacement them with individual feelings (individual yes, yet measured via mass polls and noises of exaltation at mass performances) presents a wonderful opportunity for the new breed of neo-Marxist postmodernists: instead of controlling the economy for efficiency and desired material outcomes, one may simply concentrate on controlling mass feelings. Which are indeed, much easier to manipulate and fudge to achieve something resembling "happiness" or even "excitement about the future" on a mass scale, than to create a functioning, stable and sustainable economy to be proud of. Economy under such a revisionist neo-Leninst postmodernist regime is not about producing certain material output, but primarily a stage play, producing certain hormonal outpour among the mass audience.

    Greed is good - says the caricatured capitalist, because greed stimulates the production and growth of wealth. But wealth is only my wealth, not yours, alas, poor Yorick.

    Greed is good - says the postmodernist neo-Leninst, because it allows me attack the rich. Not to kill the rich and give to the poor, but to stage a mass spectacle about robbing the rich and giving to the poor and saving the damsel along the way. Watching such a happy western makes the audience feel better. Especially women.

    Guy Debord wrote about Society of the Spectacle as he was frightened by Soviet staged trials against the enemies-of-the state, when the morbid story behind them became public in the West. And he watched the rise of the similar tendencies around him in Europe with alarm and indignation, compensating it with wit and mental brilliance of a desperate alcoholic.
    Why to be alarmed - says the neo-Leninist postmodernist. Learn and use the technique, being as sober and vegetarian as some more efficient dictators in our history.

    "Дни и ночи у мартеновских печей. Не смыкала наша Родина очей"
    >The open hearth furnace was first developed by German-born engineer Carl Wilhelm Siemens. In 1865, the French engineer Pierre-Émile Martin took out a license from Siemens and first applied his regenerative furnace for making steel. Their process was known as the Siemens–Martin process, and the furnace as an "open-hearth" furnace.

    So Germany defeated itself by giving Russian gonpnik its technology?

    BTW, in Ukraine and Russia they still use these open furnaces, compared to civilized industries.

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    Thursday, January 16th, 2020
    цього тижня почав тренуватися так:

    підтягування широким хватом - 18 разів.
    віджимання на брусах - стільки же (можу більше, але заощаджую сили наперед).
    підйом гантелей (18,5 кг) на біцепс - 14 разів.
    жим лежачи (лава з нахилом градусів 40, штанга 63 кг) - 9 разів.
    підйом штанги на біцепс (40 кг) - 12 разів.
    армійський жим тією же штангою стільки же разів.
    молоток (гантелі 18,5 кг) - 12 разів.
    французький жим з тією ж вагою - 9 разів.
    підйом ніг на брусах - 20 разів.
    підйом ніг у вісі на перекладині - 16 разів.
    підйом ніг на брусах - 15 разів.
    30 хвилин на все.
    5 разів на тиждень.

    ноги не треную, нема ні часу ні бажання.
    ходять, іноді навіть бігають - і досить з них.

    Current Music: Blood Ceremony - Children Of The Future
    культ холокоста - протопобедобесие путина
    как, собственно, и эрец исраэль - протокрымнаш, если подумать.
    Вот путинские и ищут, как бы присосаться половчей:  

    Хотелось бы обратить ваше внимание на изумительный документ, а именно - стенограмму круглого стола русских пропагандистов, где они обсуждают, как будут фальсифицировать историю и какие лживые приемы применять в дальнейшем. Подробно говорят заранее, как будут плясать на костях. Прошу репост по максимуму. Несколько цитат:

    "Резолюция Европарламента стала столь неприятным сюрпризом, потому что оказалось, что нарратив «двух тоталитаризмов» заместил собой нарратив холокоста и получил поддержку подавляющего большинства"

    "Двигать надо такую коалицию: это, мол, не Путин, а народы Восточной Европы взывают к памяти. И немедленно."

    "Наша проблема, что у нас нет разных «лиц», которые обращались бы к разным группам. Скажем, какие-то наши левые, которые адекватно взаимодействуют с европейскими левыми и так далее"

    "У нас есть организация «Историческая память», пусть разоблачения «гнусной сущности» тех или иных деятелей и стран исходят оттуда."

    "Но нам нужно искать союзников в противоположном лагере – он все-таки не един. И это наша единственная формула успеха. В плане выстраивания концепции нужно работать на контрасте (выявлять светлое и темное), чужие концепции – доводить до абсурда (благо, больших усилий тут не требуется)."

    "Что делать с проблемой начала Второй мировой войны? Ставить вопрос максимально широко во времени и пространстве. Уходить назад в историю, говорить о том, что Вторая мировая война началась не в 1939 году."

    "Напоминать об истоках: похабный Версальский мир с его торжеством национализма («национальные границы», о которых у всех всегда есть собственные суждения), Германия – униженный изгой, изоляция России как стратегическая ошибка Запада, а результат – авторитарные режимы Центральной и Восточной Европы."

    "В публичном обсуждении Сталин должен постоянно увязываться с теми, в союзе с кем он вел Вторую мировую войну. Сталина надо увязывать с ООН, Декларацией Объединенных Наций 1 января 1942 года."

    "Главный козел отпущения у нас, получается, Польша. Если нам с евробюрократами нужно найти общего врага, наверное, Польша и будет первым кандидатом. Роль Польши, на мой взгляд, должна быть освещена наиболее выпукло, что сейчас и делается. Наш главный союзник – да, это Израиль. Совершенно согласен, тему надо развивать: евреи в Красной Армии и так далее."

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    Путин послушно все эти рекомендации исполняет - см недавний пассаж про антисемитскую польскую свинью.
    Правильно Дуда не едет в израиль праздновать холокост. И Зеленского нынче за это ругают - а я думаю, и  ему не надо ехать. Нафиг быть победобесной путинской подтанцовкой?

    Friday, January 17th, 2020
    Du choc des opinions jaillit la vérité - this ancient French truism seems to be particularly untrue in the current epoch, when too few people speak French, and even if they do, they understand very little.

    It seemed that in 19th century most European people could say what they think in French, with all the elegance and wit, and thanks to this blissful opinion exchange the truth may come out, so they agree with this freshly uncovered truth, settle down and have some peace of mind.

    Currently it seems that nothing comes out of opinions clash, apart the expected clash of people, variously armed. No truth is expected, because truth requires shared premises, values and some shared and indisputable knowledge that is totally outside of the opinions clash, - that's where the truth is residing, until it crawls out.

    Nothing seems to be indisputable, firm and settled anymore. So there will be no truth, not even a proper argument, but an escalation of "Du choc des opinions" in a middle of ontological desert.
    Thursday, January 16th, 2020
    Такое впечатление, что Австралийский лес нынче подожгли те же люди, которые подожгли Рейхстаг в 1933. Одни подожгли, другие греют руки на пожарище.
    Что-то Украина в АТО не хочет пока воспользоваться инициативой. После смены правительства и конституции опять ведь начнут.
    Immigrants Are Big Fans of Germany’s Anti-Immigrant Party
    AfD is generally seen as a xenophobic, nativist force in German politics, and yet one of its key constituencies is foreign-born. The party claims that one-third of its voters are Russian Germans, and a recent study has shown that although this figure is probably exaggerated, support for the party among Russian Germans is above the national average. While AfD has a reputation for anti-Semitism, its voters also include a small but growing number of Russian Jews. In the 2017 elections, AfD fielded six Bundestag candidates who were born in the former Soviet Union, and two of them—Anton Friesen and Waldemar Herdt—are now deputies in that body. These emerging phenomena suggest it may be time to reevaluate what it means to be a far-right party—and a far-right voter.

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    С наслаждением читаю сочинения Льва Шестова.

    Раньше не шло, сейчас в самую тютельку.
    lleokaganov 3:52a
    Котиков вам в ленту
    это перепост заметки, оригинал находится на моем сайте: https://lleo.me/dnevnik/2020/01/16

    Устала Тверь, устал Ростов,
    сюжет уныл, в бюджете дырка...
    Но Куклачев сменил котов
    и продолжал гастроли цирка.

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    Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

    Current Music: Invunche - Arena
    Lucifer - A Rock Opera
    Spell of Mastery Progress
    Implemented access to unit inventory outside of the site exploration. That is required for the new reagent based magic system and to closely model original XCOM. Currently it is implemented by substituting real site unit with a dummy one, but connected to the same class, so inventory code is not required to be rewritten. Ground slots are connected to special "party" ghost unit.

    Still proper implementation should would require refactoring and moving entity list outside of site code into the world, so units could exist outside sites. That way there will be easy way to transfer permanent status effects, instead of duplicating them.

    These gems on top of character portrait are left unused. Original idea was connecting them to the magic dimensions, indicating unit affinities. But now there are 4 magic schools, instead of 3, and units still don't have specific affinities, especially since some two of the schools have no direct damage inducing spells, since I'm trying avoid similar spells.

    Anyway, the game development got out of proportion. I probably already wrote enough code for a earlier AAA game, like HOMM4. And that excluding the fact I also did a lot of graphics and audio design.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DkXqdYBAxE
    Будь рабом - финансируй рабство

    Current Mood: amused
    Russian Emigrants
    Scumbags who've emigrated out of Russia generally support Donbass terrorists and love Mother Russia. They also try to censor free speech.

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60ruvzfXQoE
    Russians can't stop losing :D
    "дебилы блять" (c)

    Current Mood: amused
    Nationalism vs Internationalism

    Nationalism is frequently misunderstood and maligned as an ideology of a superiority of one nation at the expense of other nations.

    Particularly if the nation is associated with ethnicity, it is pooh-poohed for that single reason.

    Yet the Nationalism proper is an enforced (via institutions of language/literature, education, religion, elections etc) unity of the national elite with the national "simple folks", and preferential treatment of the local population, as opposed to the Internationalism: unity of international elites between themselves at the expense of the local simple folks.

    The local elite within Internationalism paradigm would rather provide international aid than invest in the local community. Major reason? Within Internationalism, it is simply unsafe to invest locally, as the local uppity people may rebel and dislodge the Internationalist from his sinecure. The money and care should always be coming from some immeasurable distance, like from the God himself. So that there is no opportunity to try and take control of these supplies.
    Local communities are but a source of extractable wealth, the feeding and play grounds. One may not invest locally, but one may spend wantonly all the wealth on trinkets and public shows, providing the wealth gives no return whatsoever while instantiating a temporary pleasure. Deliberate destruction of local commons and creation of international, remote commons is what Internationalism offers to our elite as an act of self-preservation.

    It is necessary to point out that elites are always inclined toward internationalism. Monarchies of Europe were perfectly internationalist from medieval era onward, especially when it came to marriages; they would only marry across the nations and establish international family cartels. The courtesans were frequently local, although the most successful courtesans were trotting the globe well before the airlines took off. International conferences between the monarchs of Europe were established centuries before the United Nations, and were far more efficient instruments of control and manipulation.

    Growing internationalism is always most noticeable in the dominant and prosperous nation ruling elite. French ruling elite of the 18th century run amok with its internationalist aspirations and was soon replaced with its direct opposition - the party of nationalists so rabid that they wanted to rule the whole world in the name of France and its people. So the Chauvinism was born in France out of Bonapartism.

    The post-soviet USSR, which has shed worn-out communist ideology, demonstrates this same naked truth about Internationalism: the Russian financial, political and cultural elite is perfectly united with the multicultural and diverse elites around the globe, while acting as an invading army upon enemy territory when dealing with the rest of the local population.

    Rampant corruption, complete disregard for national institutions are but the symptoms of this naked Internationalism.

    While practicing naked Internationalism, Russian elite propagandizes the thoroughly falsified version of Nationalism to the simpletons. TV audience is to shut up and believe in the Russian exceptional national qualities and in a myth of unbeatable, indivisible Russia under the guidance of its most superb leaders.

    Nationalism proper is not about superiority of your own nation. It is more like fucking your own wife. Not because you are superbly proud of her and want to demonstrate her superiority to the rest of the world. You fuck you wife and have children with her not because she is objectively superior to all other women on Earth, but because you love her in the most narrow and concrete biological and social sense. You like how she tastes, looks, acts and you want children with her, to give them your name and your wealth. You invest in your own family and continuation of your and her genes. Indeed, by acting this way you set your own limits, your own borders as you have grown to understand them.

    Internationalism is like promiscuity. It is potentially limitless within the given Universe. Imagine there is no country, there is no religion too. There is no Heaven as there are no ancestors who look down upon you. No children are wanted either, and those born by chance are proletarians. You squander your wealth on prostitutes, sophisticated courtesans and exotic dancers. It is fun, peerless, unrestricted and uncontrollable. No borders are needed nor wanted by your boundless ego.

    Nationalism requires wise self-restraint on the perfectly natural impulse to fuck the whole world of somewhat better partners.
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