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Jul. 17th, 2024
China’s Pirate Site Crackdown is Real & Assisted By Anime Anti-Piracy Group

anime behind barsDecades of experience supports the theory that intellectual property infringement is often viewed by China as a problem to be solved by those complaining of violations on home territory.

That the loudest voices continue to import mountains of Chinese-manufactured goods, including items that in some cases violate copyright and trademark laws, serves to illustrate why differences on IP enforcement are likely to continue.

Other conundrums, including IP rights owned by U.S. companies being strategically infringed by Chinese citizens, in ways that avoid liability in China itself, has led to limited enforcement opportunities and in some cases, rampant piracy.

Early March we reported on the work of Japan-based anti-piracy group CODA. After formulating an impressive strategy and demonstrating significant patience, the company now benefits from having its own office in Beijing.

From there, big things are playing out, including collaboration with Chinese authorities which led to three people behind pirate anime site B9Good being convicted earlier this year.

CODA Files Criminal Complaints Against Pirate Services

New information published by CODA on Wednesday reveals success in two other cases relating to pirate streaming. The services offered mainstream movies and TV shows owned by companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and France, among others.

Since a library of more than 30,000 anime episodes were also available for viewing, CODA’s Beijing office was prompted to file criminal copyright complaints with the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province.

11 Arrests, Servers and Other Hardware Seized

In the first case, CODA reports that the Public Security Bureau of Taizhou City sent 54 investigators and other personnel to the Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Hebei, and Anhui provinces to conduct simultaneous searches of multiple suspects in various locations.

“The searches revealed that a subscription-style website called Shenlan had been established and operated, which copied a large amount of Japanese content, mainly anime, without permission from the rights holders, and uploaded it to a personal media server, which is a legal service, to enable streaming playback from various devices,” the anti-piracy group reports.

“As a result of the investigation, a total of 10 people, including the main culprit A (36 years old), a man living in Chongqing, who operated Shenlan and sold account information for accessing ‘Shenlan’ from the website and app on his own website, were arrested on suspicion of copyright law violations.

“In addition, nine laptops, two desktops, two servers, 11 mobile phones, and multiple storage devices were seized during the search, and the administrative accounts and passwords were obtained, and all data on the servers was preserved as evidence,” CODA reports.

Another suspect was arrested in Hubei Province on January 24th, making a total of 11 arrests in connection with the now shuttered service.

Intelligence Obtained, Police Target Second Pirate Operation

On June 5, 2024, the Public Security Bureau of Yangzhou City sent a total of eleven investigators and cybersecurity experts to the home and workplace of two other men. Information about the suspected brothers was obtained via another suspect’s testimony following the raids in January.

During the searches investigators identified a subscription piracy service called COCO operating in similar fashion to the Shenlan service previously taken down. Even greater volumes of pirated content were accessible via COCO, however; around 100,000 TV episodes were available for streaming which included 20,000 episodes of Japanese content, mostly anime.

COCO was opened by male B in May 2021, and male B was mainly responsible for its operation and maintenance. He operated the site from December 2023 until his arrest in June 2024, recruiting his older brother, male C, as a member of the operation,” CODA reports.

“During the search, PCs, server equipment, etc. were seized, and the administrative account and password of COCO were obtained, and all data on the server was preserved as evidence.”

China Prosecutes More Pirates Than Outsiders May Think

Research on the CODA cases led to an unexpected discovery. In contrast to reports implying a lax approach to infringement, Chinese authorities seem remarkably busy when it comes to prosecuting operators of pirate sites.

An article published on a government website late February, titled: “I just wanted to release pirated movies to earn some advertising fees, but I didn’t expect to be convicted and sentenced…” tells the story of a person identified as ‘Ke’ who chose piracy as an easy way to make money.

The report notes that since Ke majored in computer science, he figured that running a piracy service would be a low-cost, high-return business model that would generate some much-needed cash. Details aren’t specific but Ke reportedly began by “buying a website and the services it contained” which may suggest some kind of streaming template and content derived from a third-party source.

Whatever it was, Ke reportedly became more adventurous, soon deploying web crawlers to identify movies and TV shows available elsewhere on the web before storing them on his own server. He ended up running his own pirate streaming site and a ‘cinema app’ which attracted attention from advertisers in early 2022.

In May that same year, authorities received a complaint from rightsholders. At this point, Ke had a library of more than 50,000 movies and TV shows and after an investigation, he was sentenced in April 2023 to three years in prison, suspended, and fined 400,000 yuan, around US$55,000

More Prosecutions Recently Than the United States?

A February 2024 report in local media is just one of many detailing the prosecution of pirate site operators in China. This particular case was supervised by five government departments, including the Copyright Bureau and Intellectual Property Office.

A man identified as ‘Deng’ was the operator of a website where “video enthusiasts” could view movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Authorities say the plan was to attract people prepared to pay for ultra-high definition content to be delivered to their homes. When police raided Deng’s home, they found more than 317,000 pirated films and TV series, 17 computers, and 200 large capacity hard drives.

Investigators later revealed that between December 2019 and February 2023, Deng had purchased over 30,000 master discs from multiple suppliers in China, and used those as a basis for a wholesale piracy business supplying other groups around the country. At trial, the court sentenced Deng to three years and two months in prison, fined him 150,000 yuan (~US$20,600), and confiscated his illegal gains.

As recently as this April, authorities were reporting another crackdown against sites illegally offering Spring Festival films, plus an additional 200,000 movies and TV shows obtained from various platforms.

Seven suspects were arrested and 20 websites were reportedly shut down. Following a recent trial, a court sentenced three men to prison for copyright infringement, with terms ranging from ten months to four years, plus fines. Two other men received suspended prison sentences.

While China’s priorities differ from those of the United States, there appears to be consensus on the need to clamp down on movie and TV show piracy. Whose movies and TV shows should receive priority protection remains an argument for another day.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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Jul. 17th, 2024
Cyberia: Layer 3 (2019)


Снова JJ, но в этот раз я возвращаюсь в хронологии на пять лет назад. Тогда я воспринял его возвращение в Сайберию с сдержанным недоумением и прослушал новые альбомы особо не вслушиваясь. Восприняв их скорее как зарабатывание на ностальгии, на что он имеет все возможные права.

Но недавно, пролистывая его бэндкамп, я вдруг заметил описание Третьего Слоя из которого следовало что JJ подключил к работе над ним Конаку (для получения одобрения), АВ, Каори Симидзу и даже Хирото Такимото в роли Таро. И что это концептуальный альбом, «танцевальная опера», действие которого происходит через двадцать лет после сериала. Переслушал. Текста минимум. Лейн просто просит диджея поставить трек 99, Таро рассуждает про истину (текст скачал субтитрами ддя автоперевода). В явно самопальном видео на «Track 99» появляется девочка с обложки Второго Слоя , то есть там есть новый сюжет и это реально продолжение от части команды.

Но главное - теперь мне понравилась музыка. Она по хорошему ностальгическая.

Cyberia: Layer 3 (2019) [Архивом с телеги]
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Jul. 17th, 2024
Fmovies Has Gone Offline, the End of a Pirate Streaming Giant?

fmovies logoWhen Fmovies first appeared on the scene in 2016, it quickly gained popularity among streaming piracy fans.

Copyright holders were less pleased. They swiftly recognized the new threat and just months after the site was launched, Fmovies found itself being sued in a U.S. Court.

The copyright infringement lawsuit and the $210,000 damages award were casually ignored by the site’s owners. Instead, Fmovies continued to focus on providing free entertainment to the masses, profiting from this activity through advertisements.

In recent years, rightsholder representatives, including the MPA, worked hard to maintain the pressure. They pinpointed the site’s operators in Vietnam and teamed up with local authorities to address the threat. In addition, U.S. authorities and lawmakers were repeatedly warned about the site.

Last fall, lawmakers in Congress got a demonstration of the site from MPA’s Senior Executive Vice President, Karyn Temple. This showed how easy it is to stream the latest movies and TV shows inside one of the best secured buildings in the country. The site didn’t budge, however.

Fmovies in Trouble

After years of operating seemingly undeterred, Fmovies started to show cracks earlier this month when the site stopped releasing new content. No reason was provided for this sudden change, which left users wondering if more trouble lay on the horizon.

This week the troubles increased and yesterday Fmovies became totally unreachable. Instead of the regular homepage, people were greeted with a Cloudflare error, notifying users that the connection had timed out.

“The initial connection between Cloudflare’s network and the origin web server timed out. As a result, the web page can not be displayed,” the error message reads.

In isolation, a temporary stretch of downtime could be a minor issue. However, since the site had yet to start posting new content again, it suggests the operators may have quietly abandoned ship.

Fmovies Shuts Down?

There is no word from the Fmovies team but through an indirect source, TorrentFreak heard that the site faces “legal issues”. However, that’s nothing new, and doesn’t explain why the site went offline this time.

With more than a quarter billion site visits in three months, Fmovies is (or was) one of the most popular pirate sites on the Internet, so the stakes are high.


As far as we can see, the site doesn’t have any immediate domain name problems and hosting setbacks can’t explain the lack of new content in recent weeks. So there must be a more concrete reason for recent events.

The big question now is whether the site is destined to go off offline permanently. This will be answered as more time passes, but we can be certain that, in the interim, many new ‘Fmovies’ clones will try to scoop up the site’s regular users.

But… could that even be part of the plan?

If we have to come up with a possible explanation, we would hypothesize that the site’s operators might want to abandon the tainted Fmovies brand. Being the poster child of streaming piracy comes with immense pressure, as highlighted earlier. Stepping away from that, intentionally, might make sense.

The people running the site are presumably connected to several other large pirate streaming sites. Those pirate sites remain online but are not in the headlines, at least not as much. Time will tell, anything beyond that is speculation at this point.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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Jul. 17th, 2024


Добрался до подарка очень хорошего друга, который помог авторам с английской частью книги. Это каталог выставки, основанной на частных коллекциях племенного искусства из Гималаев. Раньше такое назвали бы примитивным, но сейчас пытаются подобрать более точный термин. Я бы назвал архаичным, там многие предметы, типа ковров, совсем не похожи на продукцию условных «племён» и в отличной обзорной статье указано что долгое игнорирование этих форм искусства было связанно с тем фактом, что западные учёные и коллекционеры контактировали в основном с высшими кастами жёстко стратифицированного непальского общества и перехватили в итоге искажённую оптику, в рамках которой мелкие народности в далёких деревнях были на позиции буквально неприкасаемых и их искусство вообще не имело значения. В итоге, когда началось коллекционирование таких предметов (спасибо западным хиппи), предметы продавались вообще без культурного контекста. Маски стали абстрактно «шаманскими» и так далее.

Тема для меня совсем новая, но книга отличная.

Ещё фото )

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Jul. 16th, 2024
German State Moves $3 Billion in Bitcoin Seized From Pirate Site Operators

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] ">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" src="https://torrentfreak.com/images/movie2klogo.jpg" class="alignright"" width="259" height="227" alt="movie2k" />At the start of the 2010s, <a href="https://web.archive.org/web/20130331010108/http://www.movie2k.to/">Movie2k</a> was one of the most visited sites on the web. </p> <p>The site was an early adopter of pirate streaming and at its peak, secured a spot among the twenty most-visited websites in Germany, beating Twitter and Amazon.</p> <p>Movie2k’s success generated a healthy revenue stream which its operators converted to a new and exciting ‘currency’ called Bitcoin. It’s assumed that the goal was to keep the haul hidden from prying eyes. That initially appeared to work well, but it didn&#8217;t last. </p> <p>The Movie2k reign <a href="https://torrentfreak.com/movie2k-down-the-mystery-and-possible-reincarnation-revealed-130531/">came to an end in 2013</a>, when the site mysteriously went offline. The site&#8217;s closure fueled suspicion of legal issues, which was eventually <a href="https://torrentfreak.com/police-arrest-three-in-prolonged-movie2k-piracy-investigation-191120/">confirmed years later</a> when German police announced several arrests.</p> <h2>Arrests and Bitcoin Seizures</h2> <p>The arrests resulted in numerous convictions over the years and in 2020 the authorities also seized 2,700 bitcoins. However, this number pales in comparison to the amount that was confiscated earlier this year as part of an ongoing prosecution.</p> <p>Following an investigation carried out by the Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office, the Saxony State Criminal Police, together with the local tax authority (INES), in January nearly <a href="https://torrentfreak.com/authorities-secure-2-billion-in-bitcoin-from-pirate-site-operators-240130/">50,000 bitcoins</a> were seized. At today’s exchange rate the haul is worth more than $3 billion.</p> <p>Never before has this much Bitcoin been secured by German authorities; it was also one of the largest crypto hauls worldwide. According to the police report, the defendant agreed to voluntarily hand over the cryptocurrency.</p> <h2>Saxony Moves all Seized Bitcoin</h2> <p>Legally, and from a risk perspective, the German <a href="https://finance.yahoo.com/news/not-germany-selling-bitcoin-one-185828526.html">state of Saxony</a> can&#8217;t hold the Bitcoin indefinitely. The coins had to start moving by the end of June, and that&#8217;s when the first outward transfers were recorded. </p> <p>The Bitcoin transfers have been closely tracked by <a href="https://x.com/ArkhamIntel">Arkham</a> which provided updates of all notable transactions. While it&#8217;s clear that the funds were moving, it doesn&#8217;t automatically mean they were instantly sold. </p> <p>Over the past couple of weeks, the state of Saxony moved all of its Bitcoin to external parties. The latest transfers were completed a few days ago, bringing the wallet balance <a href="https://platform.arkhamintelligence.com/explorer/entity/germany">to zero</a>. </p> <p><center><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" src="https://torrentfreak.com/images/bitcoin-tozero.jpg" alt="zero" width="600" height="276" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-254627" srcset="https://torrentfreak.com/images/bitcoin-tozero.jpg 1022w, https://torrentfreak.com/images/bitcoin-tozero-300x138.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" /></center></p> <p>The authorities haven&#8217;t commented on the transfers and alleged selling. The coins went to various third-parties including exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp, as well as Flow Traders and Cumberland, which operate as market makers. </p> <h2>Bitcoin Storytelling and Donations</h2> <p>As is often the case on financial markets, these types of events are often used to explain price movements. So, when the Bitcoin price started to drop, several reports <a href="https://www.coindesk.com/markets/2024/07/08/bitcoin-drops-as-german-government-moves-another-500m-of-assets/#:~:text=Germany%20transferred%2016%2C309%20bitcoin%20from,low%20as%20%2455%2C000%20before%20recovering.">hinted</a> that the German &#8216;selloff&#8217; could be responsible. </p> <p>It&#8217;s impossible to confirm a link between the two events without further information. However, the Bitcoin price rebounded over the past week while Saxony was moving out more and more Bitcoin; that&#8217;s the opposite effect for a similar &#8216;selloff&#8217;. </p> <p>At this point, it&#8217;s clear that the German state is liquidating the Bitcoin assets seized from the former operator of Movie2k. Interestingly, however, the wallet&#8217;s assets are not completely zero, as some people decided to donate a few extra <a href="https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/satoshi.asp">Satoshi</a> to the account, which currently holds $421.</p> <p>Meanwhile, the Bitcoin haul&#8217;s previous owner is likely to have witnessed recent events in disbelief; the value of the &#8216;coins&#8217; when first stashed away was just a few dollars each.</p> <p>In April this year, the defendant heard the <a href="https://torrentfreak.com/operator-of-bitcoin-invested-pirate-site-movie2k-charged-after-more-than-a-decade-240419/">charges</a> he&#8217;s facing, which include unauthorized commercial exploitation of copyrighted works and commercial money laundering. He will be sentenced at a later date. </p> <p>From: <a href="https://torrentfreak.com/">TF</a>, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.</p>
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Jul. 16th, 2024
Vietnam Convicts Pirate Site Operators; a Rare Case Completed in Record Time

vietnam bilutvtThe double threat of some of the world’s largest pirate sites operating from Vietnam, yet limited opportunity to conduct robust enforcement actions to turn that situation around, remains a constant source of frustration for overseas rightsholders.

Hollywood’s opinion on what needs to be done wouldn’t be any more clear if its submissions to the USTR were written in all caps then underlined. In light of a criminal complaint against the operator of Phimmoi.net, that after much work simply vanished into the ether, overall progress has fallen well short of expectations.

Anime and manga producers based in Japan face similar challenges but with relatively few resources, at least when compared to those at Hollywood’s disposal, they hope that collaborating with partners will eventually break the impasse. News of a rapid conclusion to a rare online piracy investigation will likely be considered a plus.

Pirate Streaming Site Operators Targeted in January

News in January that police in Vietnam had arrested three men behind an illegal streaming operation was unexpected.

Information provided by the Quang Binh Provincial Police Department was soon confirmed by state-controlled media. The report said that 30-year-old Phan Ngoc Tuan, a resident of Quang Binh province, had been arrested on suspicion of operating the pirate sites bilutvt.net, tvhayh.org and animefull.net. The arrest later featured on national TV.

Authorities claimed that Tuan recruited two men, 24-year-old Ngo Quang Huy and 25-year-old Nguyen Thanh Nhan, both of Ho Chi Minh City. The men never met in person, since all duties were carried out via Telegram.

These apparently proactive arrests didn’t just lead to the men being prosecuted. Authorities demonstrated the type of speed and efficiency Hollywood has been requesting for many years. It seems that when the stars align, all things are possible.

Trio on Trial

The men faced trial at the People’s Court of Quang Binh province starting July 11, with local media confirming charges of “Infringement of copyright and related rights” under Article 225 of the Penal Code.

Information relating to the alleged crimes, outlined by the authorities back in January, featured almost identically during the trial.

The Court heard how 30-year-old Tuan began work on the sites back in 2019, aiming to distribute movies to the public, without permission from rightsholders, for the purpose of generating illegal profits from advertising. To avoid detection, Tuan reportedly bought domain names, rented virtual servers, and utilized hosting space, outside Vietnam.

Tuan went on to recruit Ngo Quang Huy and Nguyen Thanh Nhan, who were tasked with downloading, editing and distributing movies. The men were also responsible for increasing user engagement to attract advertising revenue.

Scale of Infringement

At the time of the arrests in January, police reported that Tuan had a library of 188,322 movie files, amounting to roughly 40TB of data.

During their trial, the men were accused of illegally broadcasting 57 Vietnamese and 14 ‘foreign’ films, which through advertising generated almost 2.7 billion VND (~US$106,500) over the course of the offending, slightly less than the 3 billion VND estimate from January.

After reviewing the evidence, the court sentenced the men as follows:

• Phan Ngoc Tuan: 24 months (suspended) + 2 billion VND (~US$78,800) fine.
• Ngo Quang Huy: 15 months (suspended) + 490 million VND (~US$19,300) fine.
• Nguyen Thanh Nhan: 9 months (suspended) + 184 million VND (~$US7,250) fine.

According to local media, this was the first case accepted and resolved by the Provincial People’s Court where a defendant was accused of copyright crimes.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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Jul. 15th, 2024
Canada’s Federal Court Grants NBA, NHL, & Premier League Piracy Blockades

canada flagThree years ago, Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal upheld the first pirate site-blocking order in the country.

The landmark decision opened the door to additional and more advanced blocking requests. Indeed, it didn’t take long before NHL broadcasters asked the court for a pirate streaming blocking order of their own.

This NHL blocking action was followed by a FIFA World Cup blocking order, which was also granted without further hassle. Following up on these successes, sports rightsholders added MLB pirates to their list of targets.

The blocking injunctions were not standalone requests. Instead, the interlocutory orders are part of lawsuits against the operators of the pirate streaming servers. On paper, the goal of the lawsuits is to pursue claims against these defendants and the blockades are a temporary measure to limit the damage these services cause.

This approach made sense, as filing a lawsuit simply for blocking purposes wasn’t common. However, after several injunctions were granted over the past three years, in April rightsholders streamlined their tactics by expanding the coverage of their blocking efforts.

New NHL, NBA and Premier League Piracy Blockade

Instead of pursuing blocking requests separately, rightsholders including Bell, Fubo TV, Rogers, and The Sports Network filed a request that covered multiple sports. The organizations sought to secure a blocking order for new NBA, NHL and Premier League games, identifying three “John Doe” defendants.

The defendants were not named but several IP addresses were identified. These appear to have been used by several piracy operations, including the publicly available pirate streaming site ‘epllive.net’ and paid subscription platforms including ‘TVSmarters’, which are mentioned by name.

From the blocking application


Canada’s Federal Court granted the joint blocking request last Tuesday. A publicly available copy of the order has all IP addresses redacted, resulting in numerous blacked out pages.


Dynamic and Expanding

The ‘dynamic’ blocking order allows rightsholders to go back to court, to expand the list of blocked IP addresses. This helps to keep the injunction up-to-date, in the event that pirate streaming services try to circumvent the blocking measures.

Unlike the IP addresses, the ‘game windows’ and targeted games are not a secret. They cover upcoming NBA, NHL, and Premier League games, with the length varying per sport.

The NBA order remains valid until the 2025-2026 season. Coverage for pre-season and regular season games is limited to the only Canadian NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, likely due to rights issues. For the playoffs, non-Raptors games should be blocked too.

The Premier League order has no restrictions and applies to the 2023-2024 season, which has already ended, and the upcoming 2024-2025 season, yet to get underway.

The NHL blocking order appears to have come too late. According to the court documents, it covers the 2023-2024 season and the 2024 Stanley Cup. These ended before the court approved the court order.

The early expiration can be addressed, as the court order also includes the option to submit amendments to the scope of the order, without intervention from the court. This means that the NHL games for the upcoming season can be added, provided that the rights are secured.

The rightsholders requested this ‘expansion’ option because that would be more efficient than having to go back to court again and launch a separate proceeding. If a rightsholder needs more than two amendments, however, the court has to review the matter again.

Updates are not limited to NBA, NHL, or Premier League content. They can also cover different leagues or entirely different sports, as long as the requesting party has the appropriate rights.

Last-Minute Euro 2024 Piracy Blockade

The new amendment option was swiftly put to use. Just a few days after the court granted the order, an amendment request sought to expand the blocking order to cover the Euro 2024 football final, which took place yesterday.

This amendment was granted last Friday and, assuming that the targeted ISPs responded in time, were implemented before the broadcast started.

canada amend

All in all, the recent orders show that rightsholders in Canada continue to optimize and streamline their blocking measures. This will undoubtedly frustrate some piracy services operating locally. That said, successfully defeating piracy remains a challenge.

A copy of the latest orders, as requested by the NBA, NHL, and Premier League is available here (pdf), courtesy of Teksavvy, which shared it publicly in the interests of transparency

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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Jul. 15th, 2024


Увидел у Ермена эталонное.

Донос, конечно, очень любопытный, его явно писал кто-то из условных «своих», стандартная кремлядь не знает таких подробностей. Я помню как в седьмом фэповский слонопотам Летеха (он же «политолог» Данилин) получил для торжественного разоблачения текст песни «Жизнь в полицейском государстве». Разоблачение ограничилось великим открытием что группа из Казахстана и поэтому «никакого отношения к современной России и к проблемам современной России не имеет». А тут анонимка по всем правилам, с нужными для майора акцентами, реально интересно узнать кто именно эту дрянь написал. Всерьёз подозреваю что кто-то уже известный или знакомый.

Особенно меня разозлила цитата на скрине. Очень знакомые интонации, россиянин объясняет туземцам как правильно говорить и писать о своей истории. Заранее объявляя «заговором Сороса» любое отклонение от картины мира, вычитанной россиянином из его любимого собрания сочинений условного Старикова.

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Jul. 15th, 2024

Сериал The Boys начинавшийся как остроумная серия плевков пощечин и слева направо, и справа налево, но всё же более слева направо, скатился к четвертому сезону в официальную левацкую канализацию, где и засел, как злой клоун-демон из It.
Скучное и безблагодатное зрелище.
Все персонажи, развиваемые вначале как вполне трехмерные, упростились до плоских карикатур. Не то авторы сторчались и спились, не то целевая аудитория переоценена продьюсерами как масса субклинических идиотов, дышащих ртом.
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Jul. 15th, 2024
RIAA Sues Verizon After ISP “Buried Head in Sand” Over Subscribers’ Piracy

riaaAt a time when many pirate sites seem increasingly elusive, oftentimes almost transient as domains, identities, and branding, come and go, static enforcement targets are in limited supply.

The same can’t be said for internet service providers and over the past few years, several have paid a very steep price. Not for engaging in piracy per se, but for not responding aggressively enough against subscribers mostly accused of repeatedly pirating movies and music.

Just before the weekend, dozens of record labels including UMG, Warner, and Sony, filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against Verizon at a New York federal court. In common with previous lawsuits that accused rivals of similar inaction, Verizon Communications Inc., Verizon Services Corp., and Cellco Partnership (dba Verizon Wireless), stand accused of assisting subscribers to download and share pirated music, by not doing enough to stop them.

Can You Hear Me Now?

The labels’ complaint introduces Verizon as one of the largest ISPs in the country, one that “knowingly provides its high-speed service to a massive community of online pirates.”

Knowledge of infringement, the labels say, was established at Verizon over a period of several years during which it received “hundreds of thousands” of copyright notices, referencing instances of infringement allegedly carried out by its subscribers. The complaint cites Verizon subscribers’ persistent use of BitTorrent networks to download and share pirated music, with Verizon allegedly failing to curtail their activity.

“While Verizon is famous for its ‘Can you hear me now?’ advertising campaign, it has intentionally chosen not to listen to complaints from copyright owners. Instead of taking action in response to those infringement notices as the law requires, Verizon ignored Plaintiffs’ notices and buried its head in the sand,” the labels write.

“Undeterred, infringing subscribers identified in Plaintiffs’ notices continued to use Verizon’s services to infringe Plaintiffs’ copyrights with impunity. Meanwhile, Verizon continued to provide its high-speed service to thousands of known repeat infringers so it could continue to collect millions of dollars from them.”

Through this lawsuit, which references piracy of songs recorded by artists including The Rolling Stones, Ariana Grande, Bob Dylan, Bruno Mars, Elvis Presley, Dua Lipa, Drake, and others, the labels suggest that Verizon will have no choice but to hear them now.

“Scope of Repeat Infringement on Verizon’s Network is Staggering”

The labels claim that since early 2020, their representatives have sent more than 340,000 infringement notices to Verizon. These notifications “clearly and unambiguously” advised the ISP of its subscribers’ “blatant and systematic use of Verizon’s Internet service” to download, copy, and share the plaintiffs’ copyrighted sound recordings via BitTorrent networks.

“The scope of repeat infringement on Verizon’s network is staggering. Thousands of Verizon subscribers were the subject of 20 or more notices from Plaintiffs, and more than 500 subscribers were the subject of 100 or more notices,” the complaint claims.

“One particularly egregious Verizon subscriber was single-handedly the subject of 4,450 infringement notices from Plaintiffs alone.”

Egregious infringersverizon infringers

The plaintiffs state that Verizon acknowledged receipt of the notices, sent by third party vendor OpSec Online LLC, but in terms of response, chose to ignore them, “willfully blinding itself to that information and prioritizing its own profits over its legal obligations.”

The complaint makes it clear that if Verizon wanted to avoid being held liable for subscribers’ violations, termination of repeat infringers’ accounts or similar meaningful action would’ve been appropriate steps to take. Instead, it’s alleged that Verizon “routinely thumbed its nose” in response to complaints, while continuing to provide service to subscribers known to be serial infringers.

“In reality, Verizon operated its service as an attractive tool and safe haven for infringement,” the plaintiffs add, noting that Verizon derived a direct financial benefit from subscribers’ repeated infringements, by failing to take action as part of an effective repeat infringer program.

Repeat Infringer Program is Ineffective

The plaintiffs note that Verizon’s published “Copyright Infringement/Repeat Infringer Policy” prohibits subscribers from using the ISP’s systems or servers in a manner that infringes third party intellectual property rights. The policy further states that under Section 512 of the DMCA, Verizon terminates repeat infringers in “appropriate circumstances.”

One of the problems, the labels claim, is that Verizon actively attempts to thwart copyright holders’ efforts to inform the ISP of infringement.

The complaint describes Verizon’s Anti-Piracy Cooperation Program as having “onerous conditions” that require participants to pay burdensome fees for automated processes such as IP address lookups and notice forwarding. Rightsholders are further required to waive their copyright claims, indemnify Verizon, while keeping the terms of the program confidential, the labels say.

Rightsholders who prefer not to utilize this program are required to send notices via email. The labels claim these notices aren’t reviewed, processed, forwarded to subscribers, or even tracked to ensure that repeat infringers are handled in line with Verizon policy.

Given that Verizon’s response to infringement notices falls short of what the labels consider to be the threshold for avoiding liability, they predict that the consequences of the ISP’s “support of and profit from infringement are obvious and stark.”

Claims For Contributory and Vicarious copyright Infringement

Attached to the complaint, Exhibit A contains a non-exhaustive list of the plaintiffs’ copyright works allegedly infringed by Verizon’s subscribers. The document is over 400 pages long, with each track listed representing potential liability for Verizon as a willful, intentional, and purposeful contributory infringer, the complaint notes.

This inevitably leads to claims based on maximum statutory damages of $150,000 per copyrighted work infringed on Count I (contributory infringement). The statutory maximum of $150,000 per infringed work is also applied to Count II (vicarious infringement), based on the labels’ claim that Verizon derived a direct financial benefit from the direct infringements of its subscribers.

verizon v riaa-relief

The labels’ complaint, filed at a New York federal court last Friday, can be found here (pdf)

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Jul. 15th, 2024
Просыпается Птица Совесть

[Current Mood | sick]

Один из наиболее шизофренических текстов Неумоева,
до гениальности.

Птица СОВЕСТЬ невидима, как война
Когда виден лишь взрывов прощальный звон
Но под под взглядами строгими,
Как любая законная власть
Поневоле признаешь, что есть она

Заколдованное время, неразгаданная участь
Тех, кто с совестью расстался,
Ожидает бесконечность
Ожидает также тех, кто
Птицу СОВЕСТЬ знает в сердце
Утешенье только в том,
Что ждут нас разные дороги в пустоте!

По неведомому полю, по изведанному горю
По неведомым тропинкам,
По придуманным картинкам в Пустоте!
По Серебрянному бору,
По бескрайнему простору
Мимо солнечной погони,
Словно капля по ладони

А когда полоснут тебя словно боль
Крылья времени точные, как Рассвет
Распахнутся как Мир,
Да как солнечный крест в вышине над тобой
И душа запоет: Я ХОЧУ НА СВЕТ,

Вот оно тут

Сие сочинение как-то пробрало меня до такой степени,
что я сочинил эпилог.


На сцене накипь. На пальме сидит В. И. Маяковский.

В.И. МАЯКОВСКИЙ (читает речь)

Достоевский где? Толстой?
Я -- фантом воображения.
Слушай, зрители, мой стон
Стон от перенапряжения.

(стонет, кряхтит)

Просыпается Птица Совесть.

В.И. МАЯКОВСКИЙ (зрителям) Это, вероятно, Ф. И. Достоевский.
ПТИЦА (декламирует)

Нет, не Ф. И. Достоевский
И не Ленин Б. В. я.
Просто я -- народ прелестный,
Птица Совесть просто я.

МАЯКОВСКИЙ: Птица Соня? Простите, я не расслышал.
ПТИЦА: Птица Совесть.
МАЯКОВСКИЙ: Птица зависть? Простите, я не очень понял.
ПТИЦА: Птица Совесть.

Появляется Deux ex Machina.

МАЯКОВСКИЙ: Deux, это Птица Счастья.
ПТИЦА: Птица Совесть.
DEUX (декламирует)

Здравствуй, здравствуй, Птица Счастья,
Счастья завтрашнего дня.
Мне милее день вчерашний.
Deux ex Machina я.

ПТИЦА: Птица Совесть.
МАЯКОВСКИЙ (декламирует)

Счастья нет, несчастья нет
Я скажу один секрет:
Если хочешь быть доволен,
Часто какай с колоколен.

DEUX (читает речь)

Ах ты синяя птица,
Птица ангельских лет.
Птица счастья коль снится,
Знай, что скоро рассвет.

ПТИЦА: Птица совесть.



За сценой В. И. Маяковский пускает пулю в лоб.


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Jul. 15th, 2024


Довольно однообразный и затянутый, но симпатичный нойз от одного из многочисленных соратников покойного андрогина. Издан на «Old Europa Cafe» и по названию и оформлению сразу показался очередным подражанием Тибету, я реально ждал песен под гитару с шумами. Первый трек, с почти обязательным Эдгаром По, впечатление подтвердил, трудно представить что-то банальнее патетическому чтению «A dream within a dream». Но остальные треки оказались более оригинальными. Однообразными, но не плагиатом.

И оформление оказалось не таким жутким как сперва показалось. Я прочитал про художника, животные зафиксированы, но всё таки живы.
Остальное оформление )

Есть на ютубе.

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Jul. 15th, 2024
Goths, Geatas, Gaut: The Invention of an Anglo-Saxon Tradition

Небольшое дополнение к предыдущей книге, выложенной на этом канале. Вчера мы приехали в гости к другу в соседнее графство Хэмпшир, бывшее в своё время центром королевства Уэссекс, и когда я изучал места которые можно посетить, то ещё раз наткнулся на слово Ytene, как старое название Нового Леса. И осознал, что уже реально начал склонятся к сформулированной в прошлом тексте рискованной гипотезе о поклонении Геату как части локальной ютской традиции. Но я сам прекрасно понимаю, что у меня довольно искажённая оптика. Я в принципе не доверяю картине единой языческой Англии (или Скандинавии) с монолитной религией объединяющей все враждующие королевства. Соответственно я всегда ищу аргументы за хаотичную мозаику локальных культов, неизбежно выдавая в процессе желаемое за действительное.

Каждый раз, когда я ловлю себя на формулировании очередной спорной гипотезы, я немедленно ищу противоядие в виде общепризнанного научного консенсуса по данному вопросу. Просто проверяя, есть ли убедительные ответы на сформулированные мной вопросы. В случае с появлением Геата в англо-саксонских генеалогиях и хрониках консенсус довольно прост: это всё кабинетная мифология девятого века, часть политической пропаганды Альфреда Великого и уэссекской династии в целом. Локальный вариант средневекового «готицизма», скорее всего вдохновлённый сходными нарративами в каролингском возрождении. И лучший список аргументов я нашёл в выкладываемой сегодня статье.

Итак, в самых ранних источниках нет ничего о Геате и готах. У Беды Достопочтенного генеалогия правителей кентской династии начинается с вполне предсказуемого Водана и в ранних манускриптах с него начинаются вообще все генеалогии. Но позднее появляются расширенные версии генеалогий, с Геатом в качестве первопредка и Воданом в середине списка. Потом, конечно, довели до Ноя и Адама. Ну и в ходе бурной деятельности Альфреда Великого и его наследников по возрождению науки и культуры в устоявшем Уэссексе картина становится реально подозрительной. При переводе на старо-английский с латинского оригинала заселившие Кент и остров Уайт Iutis Беды Достопочтенного вдруг превращаются в Geatum/Geata. В «путешествии Оттара» известной географической вкладке в альфредовский перевод Орозия, Готландом явно назван Ютланд. И в биографии Альфреда написанной Ассером он был назван потомком готов и ютов через династию правившую островом Уайт. Собравший все эти факты Каталин Тарану (или Цэрану, если он румынского происхождения, то может быть полным тёзкой известного мастера по игре в Го) вполне согласен с общим мнением про чисто книжное происхождение данного нарратива, основанное на ошибочном прочтении античных источников по истории и географии. Англо-саксонскую версию он выводит из более ранней франкской, основанной на осознании отдельными интеллектуалами (благодаря Иордану и доступному в фульдском аббатстве Тациту) этнического и лингвистического сходства франков с остальными германскими народами, начиная от готов и кончая саксами и данами. По мнению Тарану/Цэрану эта идея была перехвачена англо-саксами в ходе миссионерской деятельности на континенте и перенесена на собственную историю. Часть миссионеров, как ни удивительно, осознавала что сохранявшие язычество «старые саксы» являлись их близкими родственниками и значит принятие континентальных саксов в одну семью с франками переносится и на жителей острова. Нужно срочно дописать генеалогию и приступить к сочинению «Беовульфа», исходя из новых реалий. Дело закрыто!

Если честно, при всей логичности вышеописанной картины меня по прежнему в ней многое смущает. В первую очередь эта постоянно всплывающая у подобных авторов аксиома, согласно которой люди средневековья никак не могли заметить сходства своего языка с языком соседей без руководящего и поясняющего всё монаха с свежепереписанным томом Тацита в руках.

Плюс он ничего не отвечает на главный вопрос, почему только Геат был прямо записан в языческие божества и почему только юты записаны в наследники гетов/готов?

Буду рыть дальше.

Catalin Taranu
Goths, Geatas, Gaut: The Invention of an Anglo-Saxon Tradition [файлом с телеги]
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Jul. 14th, 2024
Religious Group Targets Parent With Copyright Lawsuit Over Kids’ Curriculum

pala-logoUnder a concept known as Released Time for Religious Instruction (RTRI), children in the United States are permitted to leave school to receive religious instruction elsewhere.

Whether an hour a day or once per week, the fact that young students are taken off-site is a component of the law.

Use of the tax-supported public school system, to finance and help spread whatever beliefs various groups may have, is disallowed under the First Amendment. To remain constitutional, RTRI takes place away from public school premises, with school teachers and authorities’ involvement limited to releasing children for instruction.

The current controversy stems from the nature of the ‘religious instruction’ children receive when not being supervised by their school or their parents. In this matter, rapidly expanding religious group LifeWise provides the instruction. However, a quest by local parents, to raise public awareness of the nature of that instruction, has led to one of their group in Indiana being sued by LifeWise for copyright infringement.

Copyright Complaint, Religious Controversy

Filed in the Northern District of Indiana (Fort Wayne Division) on July 2, 2024, plaintiff LifeWise Inc. of Indiana describes itself as a “privately funded Christian non-profit” that provides “religious instruction in traditional, character-based, Biblical teaching.” Such instruction is only provided to children after permission has been obtained from their parents and, in line with the law, instruction only takes place away from school premises, LifeWise notes.

On the website of Parents Against LifeWise, an opposition group formed to raise awareness of LifeWise and its alleged practices, the religious group is described in somewhat different terms. We’ll touch on the more serious allegations later on.

“The business model consists of a motivational ‘character-based’ school assembly where religion is hinted at but never fully addressed, followed by the invitation to join them again ‘after school’ for a more ‘gospel-centric outreach concert’. Sometimes these are held off school property at a local church but often they are held in the same place the assembly was during the school day,” the statement reads.

The basis for the lawsuit, which targets Parents Against LifeWise member Zachary Parrish, is relatively straightforward. The organization’s religious instruction program, marketed as LifeWise Academy, has a curriculum which outlines the religious instruction children receive.

In the belief that the curriculum contains information supportive of the group’s cause and in the wider public interest, it’s alleged that Parrish set out to obtain a copy. The curriculum later appeared on the Parents Against LifeWise website and on Facebook; that attracted the negative attention of LifeWise and allegations of copyright infringement. In the complaint, how the curriculum was allegedly obtained is painted as a serious matter too.

Obtaining the Curriculum

“Upon Information and belief, Mr. Parrish used unauthorized means to obtain the password-protected LifeWise Curriculum only accessible by paid employees of LifeWise who have been issued login credentials,” the allegations begin.

“Defendant Zachary Parrish posed as a LifeWise volunteer to gain access to internal LifeWise documents. Mr. Parrish published internal LifeWise documents and the entire copyrighted LifeWise Curriculum on his website [Parents Against LifeWise]. LifeWise tried multiple times to reason with Mr. Parrish to remove the LifeWise Curriculum from his Website. But Mr. Parrish refused,” the complaint notes.

At the time of writing, items from the curriculum are plainly visible in search engine results. A cursory test suggests that access to at least some of those files requires no credentials. Whether these are official uploads is unclear but even in a limited way, files are available to the public.

The LifeWise complaint puts forward its own theory to explain what motivated Parrish to obtain the curriculum. Noting that the Parents Against LifeWise Facebook group has already attracted around 2,500 members since it was created September 1, 2023, LifeWise is of the belief that “Mr. Parrish does not support LifeWise’s mission.”

“[H]is goal was to gather information and internal documents with the hope of publishing information online which might harm LifeWise’s reputation and galvanize parents to oppose local LifeWise Academy chapters in their communities,” the religious group claims.

“[A]fter submitting his fraudulent volunteer application, Mr. Parrish improperly gained access to LifeWise’s information storage systems, downloaded internal LifeWise documents, and posted them to his Website. He also improperly obtained and posted a digital copy of the entire LifeWise Curriculum.”

Complaint: Parrish Was Motivated By His Opposition

The complaint makes no mention of why any of the documents, whether allegedly sought or obtained, might have the potential to harm LifeWise’s reputation. Likewise, there’s nothing to explain how a curriculum may have the potential to “galvanize parents” against LifeWise Academy providing religious instruction to local children.

In its complaint the plaintiff makes clear that Parrish is considered an opponent who strongly objects to LifeWise’s mission. The Parents Against LifeWise website leaves no doubt that the conclusion drawn by LifeWise is 100% accurate. The opposition group claims that LifeWise Academy “is spreading Evangelical Christianity, Purity Culture, Christian Nationalism, homophobic beliefs, transphobia, and hateful rhetoric to the youngest of our children.”

The veracity of these claims plays no part in the copyright lawsuit, but they do serve to underline the only aspect of this matter upon which both the plaintiff and defendant agree; Parrish strongly opposes LifeWise’s mission to reach “every unchurched child in America.” To that background, LifeWise’s complaint alleges that Parrish’s “exploitation of the Registered Copyrighted Works” was willful and in disregard of the plaintiff’s rights.

At this point there appears to be a shift in direction. LifeWise says that on information and belief (something it has been told, that it believes is true), Parrish’s “intentional infringing conduct” was undertaken to “reap the creative benefit and value associated with the Registered Copyrighted Works” without obtaining authorization from LifeWise or incurring the costs that would entail.

Having established Parrish’s opposition to LifeWise and its religious teachings, reaping “creative benefit” from the curriculum seems quite the stretch. The allegation that licensing costs were avoided carries much more weight, however.

Parents Denied Access to the Curriculum

The Parents Against LifeWise website makes it crystal clear that formal requests to gain access to curriculum documents have repeatedly failed. The complaint itself acknowledges that while a summary of the curriculum is made available to the public, access to the full curriculum is restricted by licensing; further restrictions LifeWise may choose to impose include “the right to deny permission altogether.”

Who owns the copyrights to the curriculum and how licensing is structured, may be a point of interest for the defense. According to LifeWise, the “curriculum exists as part of a license agreement between Lifeway Publishing and LifeWise Academy.”

According to the LifeWise website, the above licensing agreement prevents it from making the curriculum available to the public. In the complaint, LifeWise states that the terms of the curriculum licensing agreement include “its exclusive use in the United States and within a classroom setting with student learners.”

This seems to suggest an extremely restrictive licensing arrangement which makes no provision for parents to make an informed decision on consent; at least based on a review of the curriculum outside the classroom setting described by LifeWise. Before moving on, it’s worth considering who holds the power in respect of this specific copyrighted work.

This Will Require Some Untangling

In its complaint, LifeWise claims to be the copyright owner of the curriculum, which provides it with control over the use of this copyrighted work and the right to file a copyright complaint.

However, the certificate of registration at the Copyright Office for the ‘LifeWise Curriculum’ states that Stand for Truth Inc. is the author, not LifeWise, Inc., the plaintiff in this case. In the complaint, LifeWise explains that Stand for Truth, Inc. was named as the author of the work on July 8, 2021, but subsequently changed its corporate name to LifeWise, Inc. on September 7, 2022.

If we are to assume that LifeWise Inc. is indeed the copyright owner, another aspect needs to be considered first. According to the complaint, the LifeWise Curriculum is actually a derivative work, i.e it is based on and contains other copyrighted content. And so it begins.

“LifeWise entered into a white label copyright licensing agreement with Lifeway Christian Resources (‘Lifeway’) to develop the LifeWise Curriculum based on Lifeway’s copyrighted Sunday school curriculum called the Gospel Project,” the complaint explains.

A white label agreement is commonly used to govern the supply of goods or services by one party, for use by another party in their course of their own business, oftentimes under their own branding.

A Completely Baffling Conclusion

If our understanding thus far is correct, a summary seems to go something like this:

Christian publishing company LifeWay owns or owned the copyright in a curriculum called the Gospel Project. Stand For Truth, Inc. obtained permission to create a derivative work called the LifeWise Curriculum, which it registered as an independent copyright work at the Copyright Office.

Stand For Truth, Inc. later became LifeWise, Inc. and now declares itself the copyright owner of the copyrighted work in suit. The restrictive licensing agreement referenced above, precludes LifeWise, the alleged copyright owner, from using the curriculum outside a classroom setting. LifeWise (the claimed copyright owner) admits in the complaint that it pays Lifeway a licensing fee for use of the curriculum under the terms of the white label agreement mentioned earlier.

This strongly suggests that LifeWise pays a licensing fee to a third party, for the privilege of obtaining strictly limited access and subsequent use of its own copyrighted work.

Parrish Will Probably Mount a Fair Use Defense

A series of documents reviewed by TorrentFreak reveal events leading up to the lawsuit and the subsequent fallout. A DMCA takedown notice filed at WordPress owner Automattic led to Parrish filing a DMCA counter notice. That required LifeWise to file a lawsuit or face the curriculum being reinstated after initially being taken down.

After the complaint was filed, Parrish quickly received an offer to settle. We don’t know what terms were offered, or if terms were even discussed. If settling this matter involves a component that requires Parrish and the wider group to stop creating awareness for their cause, we get the impression that will be of no interest.

Parrish has not directly confirmed that he will rely on a fair use defense, although that is clearly one of the options available. In general, confidence on the legal aspects is high. In respect of the group’s mission, “to shed light on LifeWise Academy and show people the truth about the organization,” determination remains rock solid.

Zach Parrish: The Group and Its Mission

“When I started learning about this program in 2021, I saw the nationwide trajectory [LifeWise] were on. I was screaming into the abyss on Reddit trying to warn people. There was no information, resource, help or support for me regarding LifeWise,” Parrish informs TorrentFreak.

“[Parents Against LifeWise co-founder] Molly Gaines and I have organized this movement to be that for other parents, teachers, and all citizens who care about the separation of church and state or the extreme Christian Nationalist agenda, because make no mistake, LifeWise is simply an arm of that much larger picture.”

Parrish pulls no punches when describing the nature of the religious group and its “very Evangelical doctrine.” Those who wish to read the opinions of Parents Against LifeWise can do so in depth on the group’s website, and on the GoFundMe page set up for legal defense.

In this matter, access to the curriculum is viewed as fundamental for parents and the wider community.

“The bottom line is if our schools are made to provide curriculum to parents, any organization that is coming in and asking parents to sign over the custodial rights of their children from the public schools to these 3rd party volunteers, the curriculum they’re teaching should also be available,” Parrish insists.

“It’s absurd to claim parents, clergy members, teachers and school admin are simply not allowed to review curriculum, and LifeWise refuses every time someone asks. They provide a 27-page sample, and this is part of their claim, my counter is that 27-pages does not cover a 12-year curriculum.”

A copy of the LifeWise complaint is available here (pdf)

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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Jul. 14th, 2024

Интересно, кто первый слева выдвинет конспирологическую гипотезу о том, что Трамп сам заказал отстрелить себе ухо, дабы добавить себе популярности и заделаться диктатором хуже Гитлера-Гитлера?
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Jul. 14th, 2024

Кино в Америке становится всё интереснее, жизненнее. То есть жизнь борется со смертью на глазах миллиардов очевидцев.
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Jul. 13th, 2024
люди на зарплате

[Current Mood | sick]
[Current Music |Ryazaki and Rock Succession - MOOG SOUND NOW]

Очередной срач Каца и ФБК

Это все комментарии к этому материалу:
Инсайдер разоблачает сетку СВР, которая, очевидно,
и стоит за выступлениями "Каца" (есличо, "Кац" не
пишет "своих" текстов, а только зачитывает их в
Ютюбе; и с содержанием собственного твиттера он
тоже не очень знаком, и там и там работают люди на

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Jul. 13th, 2024
Argentina Blocks 50+ Pirate Football Streaming Sites, Operator Arrested

mud ball footballWhen Argentina won the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the entire country was watching. Many people tuned in to legal broadcasts and, at the same time, illegal streams were buzzing too.

With an audience of many millions, piracy is unquestionably popular in Argentina. Rightsholders are happy with that, but they’ve also complained about a lack of enforcement against pirate streaming services.

The tide appears to have turned recently, in part because site blocking tools are improving. Last year, local anti-piracy outfit Alianza obtained the country’s first dynamic site blocking order, requiring local ISPs to restrict access to thirty sports streaming sites.

While the blocking order had an effect, plenty of piracy alternatives remained available. This prompted Alianza to refer more sites to the local authorities, including a person of interest, who is believed to play a pivotal role.

50+ New Site Blocks, One Arrest

The Argentine Justice Department followed up on this lead and this week ordered local Internet providers to block access to more than 50 pirate sites. The sites use the popular sports streaming brands “Futbol Libre” and “Megadeportes”.


A full list of domain names hasn’t been published, but it would make sense that the most visited ones, including futbollibretv.fr, futbollibretv.pe, futbollibre.futbol and megadeportestv2.online are included.

The Megadeportes domains are of particular interest. The alleged founder and operator of a ‘ring’ of these sites was arrested in the province of Mendoza by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Unit for the Investigation of Cybercrimes, then transported 1,200 kilometers to Buenos Aires for questioning.

‘The Consultant’

The arrest is part of a criminal case and also involved a raid, during which computers and other evidence related to the crimes was seized. The unnamed suspect stands accused of violating copyright law for his part in the sports streaming operations.

The allegations against the suspect go further than simply operating streaming sites. According to Alianza President Jorge Bacaloni, the man also consulted for others, providing them with the necessary information to run their own pirate sports streaming portals.

“The defendant was engaged in supplying content and programming tools to other pirate operators, such as access codes to violate the security mechanisms implemented by the companies, used to feed their services.

“He was a kind of consultant for the administration of illegal streaming services,” Bacaloni adds in his commentary on the case.

“Kahsad’s Traces”

According to a local report from Infobae, the authorities mentioned that the suspect used the alias “Kahsad”, under which he apparently founded the “Megadeportes” pirate sites.

Somewhat unusual is the prominent mention of a free Google-hosted blog, kahsadtvonline.blogspot.com, where “illegal access” to sports streams including “Futbol Libre” was offered.

From the local report (translated)


At the time of writing, this outdated blog is still online, although it doesn’t look all that advanced. In fact, there’s no sign of any new updates in recent years. The only links we see are a few basic non-functioning embeds, which could have been wiped out by Google through a takedown notice.

In our search for information we found some other “Kahsad” and “Megadeportes” traces, but these don’t provide additional clarity.

Google searches indeed link the two names together. For example, they point to a GitHub profile with 5 followers and a GitHub-hosted sports streaming site with over a million monthly visits that’s currently offline. Whether these are indeed connected to the suspect is unknown.

Perhaps more information will become available when the prosecution progresses. Local authorities are taking the piracy problem seriously and appear willing to act. Whether the effort will be sufficient to make a serious dent in pirate streaming numbers remains to be seen.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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Jul. 13th, 2024

Загон для кур в углу двора - магнит для голубей двух видов и саранчовых скворцов - майна.
Когда я стреляю удачно, пес вспоминает, что он не просто Golden, но и Retriever и бежит за дичью.
Птицу он впрочем не отдает, а предлагает у него отобрать - в лучшем случае, если это подранок. А убитую просто съедает.

Увы, привык и разбаловался.

Раньше я ел голубей сам, - они, дикие, шибко вкусные, - но теперь всем лень ощипывать тушку и готовить. Все устали.

А пес ощипывает в две минуты и тут же проглатывает в сыром виде. У него усталости ни в одном глазу.

Однако экономия на собачьей еде солидная.
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Jul. 13th, 2024

Шеф команды диспетчеров заболел ковидом, в очень неудачное время, когда никто ковидом не болеет и работы выше крыши. Еще один сотрудник пришел в дурное расположение духа и ушел домой, поскольку у него день рождения, исполнилось тридцать лет, а он ничего не достиг. Основной водитель автопогрузчика загремел в больницу с подагрой, а там уже у него обнаружили что-то с почками и сердцем. Выяснилось, что он тайный курильщик - то есть прятался где-то и дымил, хотя ему врачи запретили. Что довольно странно - обыкновенно обнаруживаются тайные алкоголики, которые по рабочим дням вкалывают, а с вечера пятницы в говно и троллят бывших супругов в интернетах.
"Нас осталось только два, нас с тобою наебали" - отработал четверг и пятницу с сорокалетней сотрудницей, полупортугальского происхождения их Цейлона.
Совершенно бешеный темп, много движений руками, ногами и мозгами, - от компьютера к принтеру и далее к вещам более вещным.
Сломал два поддона вилами автопогрузчика, поскольку я еще зеленый.
А в остальном вполне справился, ничего, где наша не пропадала.
Спрашивают - сколько лет тебе - говорю как есть, пятьдесят семь - не верят. Объясняю, что я мутант из Чернобыля.
Домашние заботы, особенно возня с дочкой на темы подъема - укладывания, одевания-раздевания, еды и гигиены утомляют куда хуже. Потому что у неё всё по Гегелю - сначала отрицание (например, когда ей предлагают принять ванну), потом отрицание отрицания (когда пора вылезать из), потом отрицание отрицания отрицания, то есть эмоции, данные нам в бурных рыданиях, которые меня изматывают.
Особенно когда кашель, неотвязный как [...], но и такой же бесполезный, - больничный день с простым кашлем не взять .
Для отдыха меняю занятия радикально - буду делать открытый пирог с капустой и яйцами.
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