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16th-Oct-2013 04:10 am
перевод дорогого delinkuentа стихотворения из книги "жълта поезия", 1994 г.

I am the queen of felo de se
of sands and of the shattered glasses
I have a world of first-born children
and each one has a different father
all the world’s fathers
                I am the queen of foppery
                of yellow froth of the grey drizzle
                I have a clock of a flary frog’s eyes
                and by it I lull my own flesh  
                my own flary flesh
                        I am yester year’s foliage queen
                        of the wet winter and the dry death
                        and once summer arrives I am turning away
                        to watch how quietly flowers the fungus
                        oh how quietly flowers the fungus
 translation Stanimir Panayotov

вот, собсно, само. по линку открывается книга

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